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More Atrocious News Coverage By The Alton “The Braysider” — Not Even A Nod Towards Basic Journalistic Standards.



 by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. No I won't demean the standards of this blog by providing a link to this shameless rag.

Click to ENLARGE. No I won’t demean the standards of this blog by providing a link to this shameless rag.

Did any of you read this little (and little indeed is the right word) article.

Does it, ANYWHERE, tell you WHO ‘Marty Cornelissen‘ is?

That is it. Simple as that. All I want to know is who is Marty Cornelissen, what are his credentials and how did he come to have all these pictures.

This pathetic article does not tell us anything about Marty.

That is a crime. Anytime you write about a person given a presentation you should state who he is and why is doing the presentation.

This is a joke. 

That said, their ‘contributing writer‘, Elizabeth Cantrall, who wrote up the June 20, 2013, Alton Central School Board meeting, is cut from a whole different cloth. She is GOOD. She is very good. I had read one of her pieces before and immediately commented: ‘Wow. This is good. So different to the usual uncooked tripe we get served …‘.

I actually got to meet and talk to Elizabeth Cantrall — mainly because she wanted my name, because I stood up and spoke. She is impressive. Others agree.

Now if we could just get her to cover all the Alton meetings.

But, I doubt that will happen. ‘The Braysider’ does not appear to have too many female writers. Shame.