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‘Brewster Academy’ Performance Of ‘Mama Mia!’ Was Stupendously Brilliant — A True Tour de Force.

by Anura Guruge

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Guinevere Hilton (Director) & Andy Campbell (Musical Director)

What an absolutely brilliant, stupendous show & performance. These gifted & dedicated kids didn’t just hit it out of the park — they hot it well across the ‘Bay’ (and for that know the geography, they hit it all the way across to Alton).

Wow. The perfect tonic for a very cold, mid-February night. Thank YOU, Brewster Academy. You again confirmed that you folks rock. That Brewster has the Midas touch.

We had been to Brewster’s production of ‘Fiddler on the Roof‘ in 2016 & ‘Grease‘ in 2015. That was brilliant too and I raved about it (as was only due). So, we went with high expectations and this performance way, way exceeded expectations.

Made my week. Thank YOU.

It was created by the hugely talented husband-and-wife team of Guinevere Hilton & Andy Campbell. They never put a foot wrong. I have known Andy Campbell since 2012 when Devanee (then 12) started signing for ‘Clearlakes Chorale‘ where Andy (again) is the Musical Director. Since I attended the weekly rehersals I got to see Andy, at work, at close quarters. Andy creates magic. Hugely talented. So, with Andy & Guinevere together the kids had a great head start. Nonetheless, the kids did so exceptionally well.

The two female leads, Alison Ansorg (as Sophie) and Mary James (as Donna) were mind-blowingly good. To be fair, they were all good, but these two young ladies had a lot of songs to lead and they did a great job.

I have seen so many Broadway (& London) shows that I can’t (in my old age) remember whether I have seen ‘Mama Mia!’ on Broadway. We know that we have met ONE genuine member of Abba. Yep. At ‘Meadowbrook’ — in the days when we had contacts there and they arranged it when they heard that Deanna was a huge fan. That, actually is beside, the point. These kids (and some adults) are not professionals and they are not Abba. That mattered nowt. They did great.

I was SO happy. It was wonderful.


Thank you Brewster. I just wish more folks had braved the chilling weather to attend. It was a fair crowd (for the 7pm show) but it wasn’t totally full — and it should have been.

Thank YOU, Guinevere & Andy. You two are the BEST.

Thank YOU, Abba. I had forgotten how great you were. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge


2016 Spring Equinox In New Hampshire Will Be On Sunday, March 20 at 12:30 am (Eastern); 04:30 Greenwich.

by Anura Guruge

Happy Spring Equinox 2016.

As is my custom let me please share some
catching ‘Allegories of Spring‘.

[It is also called the Vernal Equinox
— that being the Latin for ‘Spring’.]

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Polish Jerzy Siemiginowski-Eleuter (c. 1660 – c. 1711).

Thought to be British (Scottish) Arthur Henry Jenkins (1871 – 1940).

German Alexander Bruckmann (1806 – 1852).

German Johannes Kleinschmidt (1858 – 1905).

I also share with you, “Sunrise, Sunset”
from “Fiddler on the Roof“.

Please enjoy.


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Sunrise/Sunset for New Hampshire up to/after the
March 20, 2016 Spring Equinox.

Notice that it is NOT EXACTLY 12 hours of sunlight on the Equinox.
That is mainly because we are so good at measuring time.
It has to do with the so called precession of the Earth’s axis.
Our rotation WOBBLES like a spinning top.

From, of course (where else), ‘timeanddate.com‘.

Click to ENLARGE and view here.
Use link below for original.

Click here for the ‘timeanddate.com’ original.

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by Anura Guruge

‘Fiddler on the Roof’, By Brewster Academy, In Wolfeboro, Friday, Feb. 19, 2016 — Absolutely Brilliant.

by Anura Guruge

Brewster Academy,
Anderson Hall,
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
Friday, February 19, 2016.

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Attribution WILL be enforced.

I (and I am sure there are others who feel the same about this as I) will not use ‘Brilliant’ when it comes to ‘Fiddler on the Roof‘ unless it was hard earned and eminently deserved. The Brewster performance, with ‘kids’ in all the leading parts, definitely met this criteria and others to boot. It was a wonderful, uplifting, spirited performance with nary a flaw in sight. I will confess to being somewhat of a ‘Fiddler’ aficionado. It is probably my all time favorite musical. I have seen it on Broadway, on the big screen and have the DVD (which we as a family have watched a number of times). Yes, I was a tad leery about going. I was worried that a school production might not do it justice. I should not have worried. They aced it. The ‘kids’ did a marvelous job and I was very impressed and delighted. I was so proud for their parents. What an achievement.

Isaac Weiss-Meyer, who played Tevye with aplomb, is going to go far. That kind of talent and commitment can never be kept contained. I gather he intends to study drama in College. I am sure he will be starring in Hollywood within the decade. Mark my word.


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Though we know a few kids that attend Brewster none of them (alas and alack) were in this excellent production. But we did know the Director, Music Director & Choreographer, Guinevere Hilton, Andy Campbell and John Ling respectively. Andy, of course is the Music Director of Clearlakes Chorale (in which Devanee has been a member for 4 years (or more)), Guinevere is Andy’s wife and we know John from ‘Northeastern Ballet‘ (from Teischan’s time with them). So knowing these three pivotal figures was neat. I captured the cast (from Brewster’s Website) and saved it for posterity (as a part of this blog). So if you want to see who was in this great play click here for a small, clean and safe PDF (or click the image).

A year ago, Feb. 20, 2015, we went to see Brewster’s production of ‘Grease‘. That was very good and we recognized some kids from last year. I think “Fiddler” was even superior because in my (biased) opinion it is much of a sophisticated and faceted musical, ‘Grease’, to me is like a plain ice cream cone kiddie size, while “Fiddler” is a full-blown ice-cream sundae with all-the-works and lots of sprinkles.

I took a lot of pictures using my Panasonic Lumix FZ1000. I am not going to try and publish them all here. Let me do it in batches as I have doing with the Philadelphia New Year’s Day 2016Mummers Parade‘.

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by Anura Guruge