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I Was At ‘Dixville Notch’ For The ‘1st In The Nation Voting’ Of 2020 — 1st To Hear The Results. (SMILE)

by Anura Guruge

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Spur of the moment decision — or as close as it gets. I was in the Quest, at 8:10pm, within 6-hours of thinking about it. Had never given it any thought in prior years. Then, I had the idea. Teischan (14), who loves driving at night, said she would come to keep me company. 140-mile trip, one-way. 3-hours — BUT that was WITHOUT the snow. 75% of the trip, going & coming was in snow squalls & some very stiff winds. Close to 7-hours of driving. Got home at 3:45am. IT WAS WORTH IT.

Did not realize that it was being run by the (new) “The Balsams“. I had done a quick Google. Didn’t see anything obvious. Assumed we would see it once we got to Dixville Notch. And that is exactly what we did. Followed the ONLY lights — though it was a blocked road with a sign that said “Road Closed”. It took place in a beautiful lodge belonging to “The Balsams”. I had not made any arrangements. The organizer from “The Balsams” was extremely nice & professional. He let me in & gave me — what I consider — the BEST seat in the house. My pictures attest to that. Open window — with an unobstructed view & I did not have to jostle with anyone. See 5th image above — the 3 counting the ballots. RIGHT in front of I. I could hear them. So, I heard the 5 Biden calls before it was announced. I CAN HONESTLY CLAIM I WAS THE 1st TO HEAR ACTUAL 2020 ELECTION RESULTS.

I am glad I went. I am very grateful to “The Balsams”. Thank YOU.

Picturesque Setting Thanks to “The Balsams”. 

My Seat.

My View. 

Very 1st Ballot Being Cast Just After Midnight.

Only 5 ballots were cast. All 5 who cast them also happened to be officials that ran the election. Neat. I expected around 12 folks to vote. 4th image above shows all 5 that officiated & voted. They were good. It was a great experience. Glad I went. It was all done & dusted at 12:10am. Yes, 10-minutes, soup-to-nuts.

A few more pictures.

We did go to “The Balsams” grand liquidation auction in 2012. Wow. 8-years ago. Ironically I only bid on TWO items. I bid on the 2008 Presidential tally board — from when Obama was elected. I went up to $300. It eventually sold for $400 (according to WMUR), though I thought it stopped with the bid after mine (and I kind of suspected that the house was bidding against me). I also tried to bid on a plastic Coke bin. Though I was standing up on a chair waving my card, they ignored my bid and sold it to a lady for $10. C’est la vie.

From 2008.

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