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The 1st ‘Real’ Storm Of Winter 2013 – 2014, December 14 – 15: Alton In New Hampshire Lakes Region Got 11″ Of Snow.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I used a tape measure to make sure. 11″ of not-too-light, not-t00-heavy snow.

But, we, perched halfway up Prospect Mountain, are ~660′ above sea level. That typically gives us about 3″ more snow than those in Alton that live ‘lower down’.

It wasn’t bad. We have seen worse. Devanee and I shoveled our escape path to the plowed road in an hour. That is all that matters. We can now get out in the van. The rest can wait.

It was good to be out doing some real shovelling. It is no secret that I like, maybe even LOVE, to shovel snow. To me it is THE PERFECT exercise: aerobic, full body, rewarding and with the chance to think.

It is still snowing lightly as I write. That is OK. I will be shovelling, rather than running up Prospect Mountain, for the next few days.

The snow was way too deep for poor, Braxton. I had to carry him.

So here are some pictures of the first ‘real’ storm of 2013-2014 in New Hampshire — Lakes Region.

Click to ENLARGE.

I am piling up the snow, from my snow pusher, to create my annual Alton ski jump.