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Banned In U.S. Hoverboards Being Sold In Sri Lanka, At A Discount, By Kapruka.com.

by Anura Guruge


Click to access ‘Kapruka.com’.


Given that I used to be a stellar customer, sending multiple cakes to Sri Lanka multiple times a year for multiple years, I still regular e-mails from Kapruka. I do enjoy seeing what they are up to.

This hoverboard  item, cutely relabelled as ‘Smart Drifting Scooter‘, caught my eye.

It was the same one that I had tried to buy last Christmas and was foiled. Except I paid EXACTLY $100 more.

This is funny.

Two things to consider. Most Sri Lankan houses, that could afford such a scooter, would be built out of concrete. So not as flammable as U.S. wooden structures.

Two Sri Lankan lives, being Third World, are still considered more expendable.

But this is NOT cricket.

Bit naughty of Kapruka. They are NOT ‘playing the white man‘ — and they should be.

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by Anura Guruge