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‘Dollar General’ in Barnstead, New Hampshire Is Now Open.

by Anura Guruge

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Saturday morning, July 16, 2016, we set out for Barnstead [NH] to check out the farms that were supposedly participating in the “Barnstead Farming and Gardening Network” Open Day. That proved to be a bust. Noticed that the much talked about “Dollar General” (on Route 28) was open and looking very fresh and resplendent. So on the way back to Alton we stopped in. I think it is only the third “Dollar General” I have visited — and by far it was the nicest; it being very yellow, very bright and very new.

Good selection of stuff. Not “Walmart” but not bad for a local store. Lots of name brand products. Deanna was impressed with much of the pricing. So we can’t wait for the Alton “Dollar General” to open — possibly within the next month. That would be good.

Some of the stuff is expensive compared to “Walmart” or “Dollar Tree” — and I am a confirmed “Dollar Tree” addict. Given that we all take one a day, I buy lots of 14-tablet packets of generic Zyrtec Allergy Relief at “Dollar Tree” (at a $1/packet) or Walmart (at $0.84/packet). They had the SAME packets as “Dollar Tree” but for $4. Wow! That was a shocker.

Definitely good news for Barnstead residents. Happy for them. Can’t wait to see how the Alton store will work out. It will be closer to us than Hannaford. 

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by Anura Guruge

‘Frank Mikeska’, The Great Magician & Mentalist, At The ‘Tan Turtle Tavern’ in ‘Acadia’.

by Anura Guruge

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We were indeed very fortunate to get to meet, and get to know, Frank Mikeska, an amazing, and quite famous, magician and mentalist during our 3-day visit to ‘Acadia National Park’, last week, for the Park’s Centennial.


The “Tanned Turtle” menu. Click to ENLARGE. Use link in the text.

On the way in on Thursday, July 7, 2016, I took the long and scenic route to our hotel (the ‘Wonder View Inn’) in ‘Bar Harbor‘, since we were in no hurry to check-in, via ‘Somes Sound‘, ‘Northeast Harbor‘ and ‘Cadillac Mountain‘. At the Marina in ‘Northeast Harbor’ Deanna picked up the menu for the recently opened “Tanned Turtle Tavern“, right across from the Marina. It looked interesting: lots of seafood (by the basket), interesting appetizers and decent prices. We decided to go there for dinner that night rather than eat in ‘Bar Harbor‘ (yet again).

We made it for dinner around 8pm on what was a rainy night. The place was buzzing. Great atmosphere. THE FOOD WAS GOOD! We are going back again the next time we are at Acadia (and we usually go up twice a year). Then we met Frank and that was quite the bonus.

We were finishing dinner when Frank, in his distinctive waistcoat, ambled by, peered through the windows at the gloom and commented about the weather. We somehow got into a conversation — with me asking him, correctly, whether he was from Florida (based on his tan and attire). It soon transpired that he was a magician. He started with some standard disappearing routines. The kids were agog. Then came some amazing card tricks as good, if not better, than anything we have seen on TV — and we used to watch a lot of magic shows (especially ‘David Blaine‘). We were all hooked.

Then with a flourish he informed us that he was also a mentalist. We already knew of one — Roderick Russell. So we were curious to see what Frank could do. He did a mind reading feat on Deanna that was astounding. It was impressive and cool. We had a long meaningful conversation with Frank. It was now past 9:30 and they were ready to close. Frank told us that the owner of the restaurant (who he knew from Florida) had flown him up, for the month of July, to help with the ‘opening’. And Frank, obviously, was doing a grand job. We had a drink and talked more.

Frank will be at the “TTT” till the end of this month. If you are anywhere on “Mount Desert Island” make it to “TTT” and see him. It would be well worth it and the excellent (well-priced) food will be added compensation. Really? We highly recommend.

Check these write-ups about Frank Mikeska.

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by Anura Guruge

Chile: Shooting Two INNOCENT Zoo Lions Because Of A Crazy Guy Is Indefensible!

by Anura Guruge

The lions did NO wrong. They should NOT have been shot.

This is why Chile will continue to be regarded as a country that is unenlightened. Last month a female zookeeper in Florida was killed by a tiger. The tiger was NOT put down.

This idiot jumped into the enclosure. He wanted to commit suicide. They should have shot him rather than the lions! That is what HE wanted … right? Don’t shoot innocent animals because humans are crazy. They don’t deserve to die. Let’s get this straight. This was not an accident. A man did NOT fall into the enclosure. Yes, IF it was an accident they would have been justified in using tranquilizer darts.

I hope that ALL the zoos around the world join in ostracizing this damn zoo in Santiago. They should not be given any other animals.

This really upset me.

From Friday, May 21, 2016 U.K. “Daily Mail“.

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by Anura Guruge