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Metrocast — Central New Hampshire: Scheduled Maintenance To (Prep Us For Our 105 Mbps Service).

by Anura Guruge

** ** Monday, January 18, 2016: I already have 105 Mbps,
from Metrocast, in Alton, NH! 
** **

Post re. Metrocast 105 Mbps service for us on High Speed Ultra.

Though they don’t spell it out I am 99% sure that this 4 ‘nights’ of maintenance is to implement the 105 Mbps.

This is in case YOU did not get the e-mail from Metrocast.

Do not panic. I do, for my sins, work beyond 1 am (every night) but I will take a break these 4 nights.

I am so happy and excited about getting 105 Mbps from MC (though I also get 15 Mbps from TDS as a backup). Here is the FUNNY thing. My TDS, as it has always been, is DSL/Fiber to the house. Not shared. So my bandwidth is NOT support to fluctuate. Metrocast, being cable, is a shared Broadband access methodology. That means my bandwidth should fluctuate when the load on the cable, say when everybody is watching TV on Saturday night, increases. Well, I monitor BOTH my Internet feeds quite regularly. Metrocast’s 75/77 Mpbs is ROCK SOLID, 24×7. TDS fluctuates like the New England weather. 

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by Anura Guruge