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Remembering, With A Shudder, The December 2008 New Hampshire Ice Storm — And Pictures Of What Was Quite Beautiful.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

Though I have lived in New Hampshire, year around, since 1986, this was but the second major ice storm that I had weathered — the prior one being that, exactly a decade earlier, that hit the Lakes Region quite hard.

In the scheme of things, we, in Alton, got off quite lightly. We were without power for ‘just’ 24 hours. That was before we got our two generators. My biggest concern was keeping this 4-story house warm. I succeeded quite well — to Deanna’s amazement. Yes, we, of course, had the wood stove in the basement going full tilt. I used all the gas burners in the kitchen stove. I even used candles. That the house was but 2 years old and well insulated helped. The temperature in the main living areas of the house dropped about 12 degrees during that time. Yes, of course, we rushed off looking to buy a generator. We drove as far as Biddeford, ME.

But, we lucked out. Deanna’s sister in ‘Rockland’, ME bailed us out. She, a good SEARS customer, located two generators — in Augusta, I think. I told to buy BOTH. She and her husband went and picked them up in their big truck and drove them down to us … in the dark. No sooner did they get here and we unloaded the generators, took them out of their boxes — the power came on. We lucked out.

I was also concerned about the water in the central heating pipes freezing. I LIKE to have antifreeze in those pipes. We hadn’t done that in this house as yet. I got it done that week — by Foley. Foley actually is not in favor of it! They worry about the corrosion it causes and the fact that water with antifreeze, because of its lower density, tends to leak. I still have antifreeze in my pipes BUT they dilute it every year!

But, I strongly recommend antifreeze in your pipes. 

Here are some pictures from the ice storm.
It sure was pretty.

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