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Taking Selfies My Way — Part 41; While Recovering From Knee Surgery — March 9, 2019.

by Anura Guruge

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Anura Guruge selfie knee surgery

Second day after my major knee surgery on Thursday, March 7, 2019. Just about 48-hours because the ‘what had been outstandingnerve block catheter was running out of juice — exactly as they had told me.

First outing since the surgery. We had to go to the dump. Took our Ford Taurus. Not as easy getting into it as is the Nissan Quest. But, I managed.

I couldn’t get in and out. I was stuck in the car. Then I saw this apparition in the rearview mirror. Couldn’t resist.

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by Anura Guruge

‘Autofinders’, Laconia, N.H. — Outstanding Used Car Dealership.

by Anura Guruge

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I bought a 2008 Ford Taurus from Heath England, at ‘Autofinders‘ in Laconia, on Friday, January 25, 2019, and I have nothing but good things to say about the whole experience and the car.

It was an outstanding experience. Made you feel good. No buyer’s remorse of any sort. Heath and his dad, Jeff (the chief mechanic), made sure that the whole process was upfront, reasonable, quick and painless. Probably the BEST car buying experience I have ever had and as some of you know I am no stranger to buying cars. I have over the last 4 decades bought a lot of cars — on two continents.

On Thursday, January 24th, I needed ANOTHER car in a HURRY — like within 18-hours! We had to get rid of the 2004 Ford Explorer. It needed a wheel bearing. The Quest was in Maine for a week. Devanee (18) needed her car (the Infiniti) for school and work. Though the two Jags & the MGB were registered and insured I am not partial to using them in snow and we had a lot of snow on the ground and more coming. So, I needed a SNOW CAR — ASAP. That was when I serendipitiously stumbled upon ‘Autofinders’ and lucked out talking with Heath.

I had four requirements:

  1. A decent (but fair, win-win) price.
  2. Payment by credit card because there was no time for certified checks
    (and I have enough credit …) {Smile}.
  3. 20-day plates, because I wasn’t going to run-around getting it registered
    (and I will not drive with illegal plates).
  4. At least a 30-day warranty in case the wheels fell off.

Trust me, it was NOT easy to find a dealership in NH who could meet all of these criteria until I found ‘Autofinders’.

I can’t believe the number of dealers that tell you, boldface, to use plates from another car! That is a CRIME. The police can arrest you if you get stopped. Incredible. I kind of automatically rule out clowns that tell me to commit a crime because it means that they have no compunction doing the same. And I rather not deal with that ilk. At ‘Autofinder’ you can get a perfectly valid 20-day plate for FREE. I liked that.

Yes, when I pay by credit card the merchant has to pay a percentage of the price to the credit card company as a commission. I know that, and I also know what the percentages are. So, I am NOT impressed when a dealer tells me that if I pay by credit card they want x2 to x3 times that commission! That just increases the price of the car. Heath was totally honest. Said he would juts charge me what it was going to cost him. You cannot be FAIRER than that. I liked him. He, belying his age, truly knows the art of the deal. He didn’t know but he was dealing with an ol’ pro. I liked his style. He knows that negotiations have to be fair, win-win on both sides.

I saw the Taurus online. I called up ‘Autofinders’. Spoke to Heath. We negotiated on price and warranty. Didn’t take long. I said I will be there the next day. Offered to give him a deposit, by credit card, over the phone. He didn’t want it. He said he would hold it for I. He trusted I. That was good.

Very smooth transaction and extremely FAST. Wow. He gets that paperwork done fast. It was good. I was impressed.

I wanted a longer extended warranty that covered more than the powertrain. He got me a 2-year deal. He sold it to me at a small discount, since this warranty replaced the one he was going to give me. I checked around on this warranty. People say that they will accept it.

So far, so good. No problems with the Taurus. We like it. It is AWD and as such handles snow with impunity.

So, as you can see I am rather chuffed with ‘Autofinders’.

No hesitation in recommending them. Call them up or go to see them. Talk to Heath or Jeff. You will like them both. They are fun, decent folk.


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by Anura Guruge

We Had To Upgrade The Dogs’ ‘Wheels’ — Still A Ford, Much Newer & Fancier.

by Anura Guruge

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Well getting a 2004 Ford Exploder, with 192,000, albeit from our trusted mechanic who vouched for it, was a bit of a gamble — but he only wanted $650. Well, on Wednesday of this week he too it back from us and gave us $250. So, the Exploder cost us $400. Was probably marginally worth it. We did use it. It was our run-about in bad weather, for the dump and hauling the dogs around.

We were told, when we bought it, that one of the back wheel bearings needed replacing every 10,000 miles. We did not plan to ever put 10K miles on it. So, that was the gamble. As always happens to I, it was NOT that bearing that went. It was the battery and a front wheel bearing. ‘He’, my ‘man’, wanted $520 to fix all of it. That did not make sense.

But, it is damn cold up here right now and we are getting a lot of snow. I did not want to be stuck without having another run around …

Time was in the essence and I hate spending time looking for cars. Long time ago I bought a rather expensive, new Cadillac on the phone — 120 miles away in MA — and the salesman kept on saying “you sure you want to buy this without seeing it?”.

Well this is a 2008 Taurus and I did buy it over the phone. Kind of worked out — I think. This time, however, I paid big bucks for an extended warranty that covers wheel bearings.

Got it yesterday. Still early days. Took the dogs for a decent drive today. They seem to like it. That is good.

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by Anura Guruge