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Jane Cormier’s House In Alton Foreclosed?

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by Anura Guruge

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FNMA = Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae).

I could be wrong BUT a house being ‘purchased’ by FNMA usually means that they have foreclosed on the house.


FNMA is a Federal Government sponsored entity. Funny that. So push comes to shove Cormier obviously has no compunctions about BIG government bailing her out.

Common Sense Advice To Alton Central School (ACS) Parents On ‘Common Core’ On Meredith.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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From Saturday, September 21, 2013 'Laconia Daily Sun'. It has not been posted on its 'Past Issues' archive. So I can't give you the link. You will have to track it down. Clicking on image will, however, take you to the 'Laconia Sun' Website.

From Saturday, September 21, 2013 ‘Laconia Daily Sun’. It has not been posted on its ‘Past Issues’ archive. So I can’t give you the link. You will have to track it down. Clicking on image will, however, take you to the ‘Laconia Sun’ Website.

I will be e-mailing Mr. William ‘Bill’ Lander, the Superintendent shortly, for clarification of the stated NECAP rating mentioned above. I have heard so many variants and I want to make sure that these are the LATEST and do not relate to prior years.

I do not know this ‘McCarthy’ though I did know of another when I lived in Meredith.

Good, common sense letter.

Drives me NUTS that ACS parents are not getting involved in this vital ‘Common Core’ debate.

The poor teachers, who to their credit, stood up and expressed their support for ‘Common Core’, at the meeting at which this inane vote was taken (albeit at my provocative instigation), have been kicked, painfully, in the nuts! [Yes, that is a figure of speech and is not meant to be literal.]

Puts the Principal, Sydney Leggett, in an unenviable position — though that probably doesn’t phase her a jot since she is combative by nature. This was HER ‘Obamacare’. Ever since she came to Alton this was her signature tune. I remember her talking 2 years ago of CC. She has told us that she had approval from a prior board. We will have to check. But right now she looks like she has gone rogue and implemented this CC-based ‘program’ without the Board’s backing — though that is NOT supposed to happen.

I am hearing some very interesting and strange things about two of the Board Members. I need to visit the Town Hall and look at the tax rolls. I knew that one of them had their house foreclosed earlier this year. Now I am being told that it is NOT ONE but TWO! If that is the case 40% of this Board, JUST THIS YEAR, have run foul of some of the most basic of fiscal responsibilities. WOW. I hope this is not true.

Cracks me up. Where are the so called ‘Friends of Alton School‘?

Common Core is more important that renovating the buildings. But where is the outrage? Where are the pamphlets? Where are the signs? Just dead silence.