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IBM, IF It Has Any Sense, Would Resurrect ‘Grid Computing’ To Augment ‘Cloud Computing’.


IBM’s latest stock price. From ‘marketwatch.com’. 52 week high was $176.

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by Anura Guruge

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IBM ‘RedBook’ on ‘Grid Computing’ from 2005. It is still on IBM’s Website. Click image to access (the PDF).


Click to ENLARGE and read. First two pages of a book I started to write in 2004, with encouragement from IBM, on ‘Grid & Autonomic Computing’. I was glad I managed to find a copy on this PC after 11 years!

Cloud Computing‘, nebulous as it is, is the latest IT ‘very hip’, ‘ultra-cool’ buzzword — in the same league as some of those from the past, such as XML, ATM (for Asynchronous Transfer Mode), OSI and OS/2.

95% of those that glibly bandy the term ‘Cloud Computing’ have absolutely no idea what it means! It is the hip term to drop. ‘Cloud Computing’ is a the latest way to describe a decades old methodology, i.e., server-centric processing and storage. ‘Cloud Computing’ as such is NOT new, not by a long chalk.

‘Cloud Computing’, at IBM, is just the latest of a long list of futile, high burn projects that IBM never was able to capitalize on. Everybody else may have forgotten, BUT I still remember Nways. And I also remember SAA, Liza (no, no, not that one), NetView.

And then there was ‘Grid Computing‘. ‘Grid Computing’ makes sense and is more relevant TODAY than it has ever been.

Google and Amazon understand that and they have now stolen IBM’s march on ‘Grid Computing’ — though way back in 2002 – 2005, this was IBM’s bailywick.

‘Grid Computing’, see MY definition above, goes hand-in-hand with ‘Cloud Computing’. It is a way to make ‘Cloud’ more efficient and as such cost-effective.

IBM, if it had any sense, would resurrect its Grid initiatives. IF they can’t remember what they are they should give me a call.

Grid …

That is what can SAVE IBM.

Remember, in July, I already told you that IBM revenues would continue to decline.