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Didn’t Take Me Long To Jump Straight Back Into The Papabili (Post Francis) & Cardinalabili Fray.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Given that the new pope, Francis (#267), was only elected in March of this year — there will be those that think it is borderline sacrilegious to start thinking about the Next Pope.

But, I was (and probably always will be as f now), ‘Mr. Next Pope’. The Pope Is Dead, Long Live The Pope.

Somebody has to make sure that we always keep an eye on the future — and I accept that responsibility. Always good to have contingency lists. it wasn’t that long ago that we had a pope, much younger than this one, who only lasted 33 days.

I am also back doing cardinalabili lists; i.e., trying to predict future cardinals — though I do this with the help of experts like Louis Epstein and Darien C. Clark. But, over the last 4 years my ‘pope-and-papacy’ blog got famous for its cardinalabili lists. So I we are back in the hunt.

I am NOT going to spend as much time on the pope blog as I have done in the past. I am going to continue focusing on writing and publishing books. But, it would have been a waste to throw away the pope capital I had built up over the last 6 years.