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Hurricane Sandy: We Dodged, To My Relief, Round 1 On Monday. Round 2 Tomorrow & Thursday.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Weather forecast for Alton, NH from the fairly reliable ‘wunderground.com’. Click to access.

Yes, we got a lot of rain. Not sure how much. Deanna and Devanee say that our rain gauge, that was supposedly emptied prior to Sandy, says 4″ to 4.4″. That is respectable.

Yes, we had lots of wind gusts. Some pretty spectacular. The trees were bending, but nothing like they did when we had the tornado in 2009.

The lights flickered from noon till 11pm.

BUT, we didn’t lose power. I am in shock. We usually lose power IF a butterfly flaps it wings too hard! I was all set to lose power. Gassed up the two generators and moved them up to the front of the garage so that I wouldn’t have to move the van, as I usually have to do, to get them out. Even checked the oil and topped it up. Since I take care of the generator for my 80-year old neighbor, Jeannine, I even went and plugged her ‘self-start’ battery-in so that it would be fully charged. She has a fancy, orange Genrac. Start it with a key. If the battery is charged it is a joy to operate. Mine are much more low tech. Next time around I will get a big, wired-in Genrac.

Thank YOU PSNH. Take a bow. You did good.

The lights flickered from 1pm till 11:20pm. That drove me nuts. I try not to let too many things get under my skin, but I realized yesterday that flickering lights get under my skin. Part of it was that I was waiting for the power to go down. Though I have a big ‘uninterrupted power supply’ (UPS) on my main PC, I decided to close down shop around 4:20. Had one BIG post to do with the pope becoming the 5th oldest pope, as of 1400, to post before I gave up for the day.

We didn’t have Internet around 8pm. Deanna and the kids tried to see whether Alton Central School (ACS) was to be open Tuesday. They had no Internet. I wasn’t too phased. I expected that TDS would have some routing issues with the disruption in New York City. This morning I checked my TDS bandwidth (using my usual ‘speedtest.net‘). Perfect. Thank YOU, TDS.

But, I know that Sandy is revisiting us, this time from the North. The winds and rain should be less, but …

That will probably be Wednesday night and Thursday. As far as I know Alton is still having Halloween Night on Wednesday, 4:00 pm till ‘dark’; i.e., 5 or 5:30pm.

Alton Central School Pumpkin Decorating Contest. Deanna sent me this flyer and told me to post. So here. Click to ENLARGE.

I will keep you posted.