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I Got A Letter From ‘Buckingham Palace’.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

This was in response to the letter I sent to the Queen on May 24, 2018. I always knew, without an inkling of doubt, that I would get a reply — even if it took a few months.

It came today in the mail. As soon as I saw the envelope I knew what it was.

I am NOT going to divulge what was in the letter. That would be ‘bad form’ from a British gentleman. I am happy.

I love the envelope. For those of you not familiar the “E II R” with the little crown on top is the Queen’s crest. The ‘E R‘ stands, in Latin, for ‘Elizabeth Regina‘ (Queen Elizabeth) and the II is because she is ‘Queen Elizabeth II‘.

Postmarked ‘Buckingham Palace‘.

Love the now hardly ever used BLUE ‘Par Avion’ sticker. We don’t use it because mail no longer goes by sea across the Atlantic.

Made my day.

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by Anura Guruge

Paul Bousquet, “B-Boys”, Barnstead (N.H.) — An Absolute Gentleman.

by Anura Guruge

B-Boys Barnstead New Hampshire Anura Guruge

That I think the world of Paul Bousquet, the owner of “B-Boys” auto shop in Barnstead, New Hampshire, has been well documented on this blog.

Since I serendipitously discovered them in May of last year, I have entrusted all our vehicles to Paul, with CONFIDENCE — and that includes my two Jags.

Paul is GREAT.

Today, he yet again, demonstrated what a STAR he is. There aren’t, alas, too many absolute gentleman like Paul left in the world. He, I think, is ‘old school’ (in the BEST possible way) and so am I. We are of the same generation. We share the same values. I am loyal to those that take care of me and Paul is loyal to his customers.

I will not go into details because Paul wouldn’t want me to.

It had to do with my 1989 Jaguar V12 XJS that died on me, in the middle of the road, 12 days ago.

Suffice to say I had it ‘towed’ to Paul. Among other things it needed a new alternator. Well Paul took care of all of that.

Today, I finally got it back. I know that working on a 1989 V12 XJS is NOT easy. Paul has done miracles.

And he is SO FAIR.

Wow. The world desperately needs more people like Paul.

Enough said.

Thank YOU, Mr. Paul Bousquet. Thank You, “B-Boys”.

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by Anura Guruge