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Remembrance Day 2013 Contribution By Gerry Malone — Tribute To His Uncle Gerald B. Malone.

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This came in as a comment today.

I felt that it needed more visibility, so I am posting it here.

I love the video. That it starts with my beloved Winston wasn’t the only reason.
That speech gives me goosebumps and I was not even born during WW II.
Enjoy. Savor. Reflect. Remember.

Click to access YouTube video.

Click to ENLARGE. Use link below to access YouTube video.

Click here to access 5:00 minute YouTube video.

Gerry Malone’s comment:

“As a retired Canadian and member of the RCAF, this is my contribution for Remembrance Day 2013 as Canada remembers our Canadian Forces.
Feel free to share.”


Thank YOU, Gerry. All the very best.