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Train Accident In Sri Lanka From 2011: 18 Year Old Girl Hit By Train Survives! Pretty Amazing.

by Anura Guruge

I had posted this in my “Fun & Trivia With Anura Guruge” blog
in 2011. But, that blog does not get many hits or my attention.
So I am reposting it here since it is pretty amazing and 
is related to the other train accident post from a few days ago.

They continue to have this type of accident in Sri Lanka, in many instances the outcome not being as good as in this case. As far as I can remember we have had people getting hit by trains — largely because people have used rail tracks as public roads. In the 1960s when I was growing up there we had folklore about getting run over by trains — the worst fear being that of getting one of your feet trapped in a junction point (‘switch’) and then being helplessly trapped as a train approached! People would actually talk about the best strategies for such scenarios — I kid you not. It was considered best if your free leg was outside of the rails, because you could then really lean over and just lose the bottom part of your leg. We really used to talk about such things. Yes, we also played chicken with trains — something I continued to do until I was about 16, even once doing it in India.

It still baffles me how these people don’t FEEL the train coming behind them — even if they don’t hear it. These lumbering trains, on not that well laid tracks, create one heck of a lot of ground vibration. Well, you have to watch the video:

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by Anura Guruge

How & Why Do People Get Run Over By Trains Outside Of Stations — Today’s 2 BART Deaths In S.F. Bothers Me Again.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

Click to read 'L.A. Times' coverage.

Click to read ‘L.A. Times’ coverage.

Click to read one of MY POSTS on another of my blogs. Yes, I have many, many blogs ...

Click to read one of MY POSTS on another of my blogs. Yes, I have many, many blogs …

Here is the YouTube video. Worth watching.

As you can see IF you check out above post, I asked this very same question a year ago.

We have a lot of these accidents in Sri Lanka — even now. I think ditto in India. When I was about eight I was on a train in India that ran over a man. I didn’t feel anything and I am not sure if anybody did. But, the train came to a screeching halt in the middle of ‘nowhere’ in rural Southern India. There was a lot of commotion and shouting. It was quite frightening and disturbing to an eight year old. We finally heard that there was a man under the train and that they were trying to get him out.

I can even understand kids getting run over, BUT, for the world of me I cannot fathom how adults can get run over IF they have room [i.e., not trapped by platforms etc.] to get out of the way.

Trains are not whisper quiet — even on welded tracks. PLUS they make the track and ground vibrate well ahead of their approach. That is what gets me.

Like these two ‘poor’ BART workers. Didn’t they FEEL the train coming. OK, they could have thought it was coming from the other track — but wouldn’t you at least look up when you feel a train coming?

I really don’t get it.

Bothers me NO END.

President Obama Gives GoDaddy An Enormous (‘Free’) Plug On TV At The “White House Correspondents’ Association” Dinner Last Night.


by Anura Guruge

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Click to access video coverage from CNN.

Click to access video coverage from CNN.

That they picked Danica Patrick’s GoDaddy NASCAR car, with the GoDaddy logos clearly emblazoned, could not have been a coincidence. Great publicity for GoDaddy, and I am glad given how they helped me out during the papal transition.

Not sure how GoDaddy pulled off this coup. I don’t think (but I could be wrong) that my President would just succumb to the charms of a GoDaddy wet T-shirt girl. That would have, of course, worked with Clinton.

So I have to think that some real mulla, in the millions, was involved in this — either as campaign donations in the past or as a direct payment for this priceless ad.

That is what confuses me. I could be wrong. GoDaddy could be an Obama supporter, which would make me very happy.

GoDaddy, in the end, is Bob Parsons company; he being the founder and now the Executive Chairman.

I have never had the honor of directly interacting with Bob.

But, I have had exceptional service and support from his staff in his office. Which is more than I can say about TDS and its CEO’s staff.

When GoDaddy was pulling out all the stops to help me deal with the huge spike in hits I was getting on my pope blog, I was told that Bob had heard about my problem and was personally monitoring my blog to make sure that it was coping with the traffic demands. I was very grateful. I was going to write a thank you note but was told, explicitly, that it would not be necessary.

Bob Parson is a true maverick and I do admire his style and tastes (and what real, hot-blooded male wouldn’t). So, for all I know, he, like so many high-tech moguls, Hollywood megastars and Warren Buffet could be an Obama supporter. That would neat.

Either way, I loved seeing the GoDaddy plug.

I thoroughly enjoyed the President’s speech and that of Conan O’Brien. Very clever. Very funny. This repartee by Conan had me in stitches: “Speaker Boehner and President Obama are still struggling to get along. President Obama and John Boehner are kind of like a blind date between Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow. In theory, they understand each other’s positions, but deep down, you know nothing’s ever going to happen“. [In case you don’t get it, they are both gay.]

If you just want the quick highlights of the jokes, try this link.

More ‘Cuteness’ At The Expense Of Young Ladies By ‘The Laconia Daily Sun’?


Anura Guruge

Related post from yesterday:
>> Typo or just ‘cuteness’ from ‘The Sun’ — Mar. 26, 2013.

Click to access Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 'The Laconia Daily Sun' with this story on page 2.

Click to access Wednesday, March 27, 2013, ‘The Laconia Daily Sun’ with this story on page 2.

Yes, it is ‘funny’ in that I am sure that Amanda Know probably knows more than she has let on.

But, is this a genuine Freudian slip by ‘The Sun’ or is it another attempt at trying to be ‘clever’ and cute at the expense of yet another ‘fallen’ young lady — though circumstances, are of course, very different.

Yes, it could be another typo and since my middle name is ‘typo’ I have utmost respect for those. But isn’t this why newspapers employ editors?

Is This An Unfortunate Typo Or Is ‘The Laconia Daily Sun’ Trying To Set A New Standard In Journalistic ‘Cuteness’?


Anura Guruge

Page 5 of Tuesday, March 26, 2013, 'The Laconia Daily Sun'. Click image to access.

Page 5 of Tuesday, March 26, 2013, ‘The Laconia Daily Sun’. Click image to access.

Deanna did not even notice, but it jarred me — especially since the article is all about her unfortunate, untimely death. Yes, they also carry her obituary in this very issue.

Not sure that it is right in any circumstance to refer to a young lady, who is older than say 6, as ‘girl’, in a publication.

But, then again ‘The Laconia Daily Sun’ is noted for always being at the bleeding edge of journalism.

Just curious.

Full Disclosure. We do know the editor/publisher of the ‘Sun’ Ed Engler quite well. Yes, I had a long chat with him last month. No, I didn’t bother to ‘ping’ him with this. Lets see if anything happens.