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Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum — Some Pictures By Robert Gilbert of Wolfeboro, NH.

IMG_0459Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
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by Anura Guruge

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Robert Gilbert, born in Australia and the owner of a nifty Mini Cooper, is a friend from “Great Waters“. Like I he is a volunteer stagehand and his wife ushers along with Deanna and Devanee. Robert and I, as owners of British cars (and I won’t mention the other cars he loves and owns), often chat about cars. While doing the setup for the “Glenn Miller Orchestra” on Friday, he told me, when I asked him what he had been up to since I last saw him a week ago, that he had been to the “Simeone Auto Museum” in Philadelphia. He appeared to be a bit disappointed that I did not know about it. Later on in the evening I did realize that I had indeed heard about it — on an episode of “American Pickers” that we used to watch religiously until we got our Roku 3 and discovered the manifolds treats available via ‘Amazon Prime‘ such as “Downton Abbey” and “Mr. Selfridge“.

This morning Robert, who used to do mechanical instrumentation for nuclear plants and appears to be a gentleman of many talents, sent me a whole set of delightful pictures he had taken at ‘Simeone’. With his permission I am going to share some with YOU for your enjoyment and edification. Thank you, Robert. CLICK TO ENLARGE.