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Two Decent High Yield Products Now That, Thanks To The Republicans, FED Tapering Is Off The Table Till At Least June 2014.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I live by high-yield investments.

That is not a figure of speech. I really do. For the last few years I derive all the income we live by and send two kids to expensive Colleges in Massachusetts through high-yield investments and some judicious juggling of the daily 0% APR offers I get from credit-cards.

So when it comes to high-yield, dividend-paying products, it is NOT theory when it comes to me. It is very much practice. IF I screw up not only do we lose money but we have less income.

Yes, of course, IF I was rich and had a few million like most folks in Alton do, getting income, even in these days of ultra-low interest rates, would be easy. The challenge is getting income in today’s low-interest market when you DON’T have a couple of million dollars to invest.

I have already talked about my on-and-off, infatuation with BJBHXAberdeen (née Artio) Global High Income Fund. BJBHX, which I have owned for 4 or 5 years, if not more, is my backstop. Literally my bread-and-butter.

Then I mess around with other products. Yes, I do hours of research. I do NOT trust anybody. I do my own. Maybe when my son starts his hedge fund (and he is already out canvassing folks) I might let him manage some of the little I have.

In the meantime I thought, now that tapering is OFF the table till June 2014, and do NOT believe the April 2014 garbage, that I should share some of my hard gained knowledge with you. These two, EOS and SDIV serve me well. I have been with them less than a year and yes I took a blood-bath, from which I have since emerged unscathched, when the original tapering talks started in the Summer. Now older (and probably a tad wiser (though that wasn’t hard given the very low bar I was coming from)) I had decided that I was going to weather the tapering storm because in time, GOOD investments would recover. Then came the Republicans and the Government Shut-Down. As I shared with YOU, I started smiling BECAUSE I, a political, news and financial junkie, knew how the cards will get dealt. I was right. Tapering was history.

So check out these products. YOU MAY BE TOO LATE. So be cautious. Prices are going up.

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