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Pope Francis Says ‘God Speaks Through Children’ BUT Still Does Nothing About Clerical Child Abuse!

by Anura Guruge

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Not for the first time Pope Francis has said ‘God speaks through children’ and received applause from an ever docile audience.

But, what about all the children that have spoken, LOUD, CLEAR & GRAPHICALLY, about all the HORRORS of the abuse they have endured at the hands of Catholic clergy.


Pope continues to do very little. Basically nothing.

Yesterday, was a good case in point.

‘Cardinal’ George Pell’s lost his appeal for being a convicted pedophile. He, a cardinal elector, has now been in prison for 6-months and faces at least another 3+ years. Pope does nothing. Pope claims that HE THINKS he is innocent. Children have spoken. But, he ignores them.

Pope Francis talks out of all side of his mouth.

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by Anura Guruge