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Lot Of Fun, Educational, Interactive Pendulum Google Doodle For French Physicist Léon Foucault 194th Birthday.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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The motion of the pendulum changes per latitude. The second slider lets you see it at different latitudes.
The first slider appears to adjust the speed.

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Boston pendulum (from Erica Green’s ‘The Little Review’ blogspot, with thanks.

Foucault pendulums intrigue, fascinate, mesmerize and puzzle me. Yes, of course, having done tons of physics even at college level, I understand the principle. I collect and play with gyroscopes (and break quite a few too in the process so that I am always short). So I know all of that, though until today I did not realize that Léon Foucault came up with the name ‘gyroscope‘, though he was by no means the inventor. While I appreciate the preservation of motion through the gyroscopic action what I don’t get is

The book. I don't think I have read it. One book by Eco was enough for me, I think.

The book. I don’t think I have read it. One book by Eco was enough for me, I think.

The Panthéon in Paris, where Léon Foucault publicly demonstrated his giant pendulum is one of my favorite buildings in Paris. It was quite close to where my adoptive parents lived in Paris, 1978 to 1992. So I would wonder in quite often. I know I have seen ‘the pendulum’ in Paris but after so many years I can’t vouch that I did see the replica now at the Panthéon. I do go and gwak, for as long as possible (until Deanna comes and drags me away) at the absolutely beautiful pendulum, tucked away in the corner, at the Boston Museum of Science. Just captivates me. What I don’t still get is why the rotation of the hook that it is attached doesn’t dampen the motion. I will have to look into this.

Here is a good article on the physics of the pendulum from Wikipedia.

Educational & fun slideshow on pendulums. Worth watching.

Educational & fun slideshow on pendulums. Worth watching.

Click to access Wikipedia entry.

Click to access Wikipedia entry.

Educational video on Foucault's pendulum showing one at the Paris Pantheon.

Educational video on Foucault’s pendulum showing one at the Paris Panthéon. Click to access.