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Confirmation That Earth’s Axis Has Shifted Strengthens My Claim We Have To ALSO Look At Other Factors Beyond Greenhouse Gases.

by Anura Guruge

The above from ‘earthsky.org.

OK. This is but 13′ in 42-years. OK. But, do we know how much it has shifted say over the last 250-years. We know the axis has indeed shifted. We even know that the North & South Poles have traded places more than once.

This study focuses on how climate change has caused the axis to shift.

BUT, the corollary is equal true. A shift in axis will result in climate change!

Think about it. A shift in axis will cause parts of the Earth to warm up or cool down.

And that is just a shift in the axis. We do NOT have a record of how the axis has shifted. Just know that it must have — & has.

I have also repeatedly pointed out that we have NO CLUE, whatsoever, as to how much the Earth’s orbit has changed over the last million years (& I don’t need to go any further back).

A change in orbit will MOST certainly impact climate.

That has always been my point. My only point. I appreciate, fully, that we are seeing Climate Change. But, I want to know, for sure, for sure, what other factors, way, way beyond humans might have been at play.

Wouldn’t you like to know.

All I am advocating is that we do NOT have ALL the facts.

Peace. And as I always like to say: “I would really like some Global Warming up here is still chilly New Hampshire“.

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by Anura Guruge

This “Global Warming” In New Hampshire, With 43F In June, Is Really Getting Very Old, Very Fast.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge


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1. Blizzard I of 2015.
2. Devanee’s post-blizzard sunsets.
3. Heated driveways in New Hampshire.

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How anybody who lives in New Hampshire, and is not a total couch potato who never ventures out, can still believe in Global ‘bloody’ Warming defeats me.

It has been BLOODY cold in New Hampshire for the last 2 days — and those that know me, and know that I will still go running in 5°F weather, will know that IF I complain of it being cold, it is pretty serious.

This, my friend, is NOT right and there is no damn, frigging Global Warming in sight — at least not in frigid New Hampshire. I would LOVE some Global bloody Warming. I need to renew and top up my tan. Relying just on tanning creams becomes and expensive and messy hobby.

Yes, of course, we have seen Climate Change BUT that is because the DISTANCE of the Earth’s orbit, from the Sun, has changed! You did NOT know that did you? Most people don’t. Why, the Earth is getting lighter despite the increase in obese folks, worldwide. Yes, I need to write about this in detail — but I don’t have the time. It is the Earth’s weight, of MASS if you want to be pedantic and scientific, that is changing. Greenhouse Effect is NOTHING. It is the distance from the Sun that counts. Remember I do know my astronomy

Check these out. It is June 2nd and I am forced to wear sweats — though sweating is the last thing that is happening around here.

From ‘Weather Underground‘ — a very good source for local weather data. Click to ENLARGE, check out and be amazed.