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Organic Hair Care, With O’Right Organic Products, Comes To Wolfeboro, N.H. With “Just Teazin Hair Studio”

by Anura Guruge

Here is the link to
“Just Teazin Hair Studio” Website.

organic hair care salon in Wolfeboro New Hampshire Just Teazin Hair

Taiwan’s “O’right” organic hair products prides itself as making the World’s greenest shampoos and conditioners.

All the “O’Right” organic hair products are now readily (and affordably) available in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, the ‘Oldest Summer Resort in the U.S.A.‘, at “Just Teazin Hair Studio” on 94 Bay Street, Wolfeboro — Tel: (603) 569-4766.

Just Teazin” also has organic hair color.

Their goal, when it comes to hair care, is to be as organic as possible.

So, if you are looking for organic hair care in Wolfeboro, with genuine organic hair products such as “O’right” or “Oway” check out “Just Teazin Hair Studio” on Bay Street.

O'right organic shampoos conditioners Wolfeboro NH Just Teazin Hair Studio Bay Street

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by Anura Guruge

Organic Hair Studio In Wolfeboro, N.H. — “Just Teazin Hair Studio” By Christine Austin.

by Anura Guruge

Here is the link to the rather nice
“Just Teazin Hair Studio” Website.

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Just Teazin Hair Studio Organic Hair Care Products Christine Austin justteazin222 Just Teazin Hair Studio Organic Hair Care Products 94 Bay Street Wolfeboro New Hampshire justteazin444

The emphasis at Just Teazin Hair Studio is organic hair care products.

Basically a “as GREEN as we can be” hair salon.

To be honest I had never really given it much thought to going GREEN when it comes to my hair though I still plan, one of these days, to have my grey hair dyed a bright purple. Maybe this is the ideal opportunity. Christine has organic hair color. Never checked or asked if she had bright purple in organic.

I am so used to everything having chemicals. Until Christine enlightened me I have never given any thoughts to the benefits and joys of organic shampoos and conditioners.

So helping, staying and saving GREEN now extends to hair care. That is great.

Very welcoming and pleasant hair salon. Very friendly. No pressure. But the best of ALL was learning about all these organic hair care products from companies like O’right and Oway. So if you are interested in organic hair care go to “Just Teazin Hair Studio” and meet Christine.

Telephone: (603) 569-4766. 94 Bay Street in Wolfeboro.

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by Anura Guruge

The Dental Crisis In The U.S. (Never Mind New Hampshire) — People Just Can’t Afford The High Costs.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

The $46 for my 2.5 minute, totally unnecessary, unsolicited ‘consultation’ by my dentist to tell me that ‘all was fine, “A-OK”, but he would really like me to get a $120 X-Ray‘, on Wednesday got me thinking.

I notice teeth. Drives Deanna nuts. I doubt whether I will ever find the time in my limited lifetime to get to it but I am sure it is a cultural thing. I am totally oblivious to the color of eyes and hair color — unless they happen to be blondes, and I do get accused of having a thing about blondes though I am not sure if that is true. I finally worked out, having incurred abuse from so many for decades along the lines ‘you didn’t notice the color of their eyes or their hair … what is wrong with you?‘ that it is a cultural thing to do with where you were born. If you were born into a society where 99% of the people have black eyes and black hair, you don’t bother to use eye color or hair color as a differentiator. That is my theory and I am sure I onto something here. But, I notice teeth. And yes, I will confess, I am also fussy about teeth. Bad teeth puts me on the ‘defensive’. So, of course, I notice all the folks in NH with ‘poor’ teeth. And I feel bad.

But, it was only today that I went looking for some facts. Medicare does not cover basic dental care! And folks think that the U.S. has good healthcare. Carry on with those wet dreams. If you don’t have dental insurance going to a dentist is an expensive undertaking. My visit on Wednesday, and I needed nothing other than a 49 minute cleaning, came to $126. That is more than half a weeks gross pay if you are on minimum wage. This is not right — and yes, I know that Medicaid, if you qualify, does cover some, if not all, dental care.

Read this from PBS and just think …

Click to read very interesting PBS article.

Click to read very interesting PBS article. Right click and open in a new tab (or window) to ENLARGE.