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I Had My Hair Cut In Wolfeboro (N.H.) By Christine Austin, At The All-Organic “Just Teazin Hair Studio”.

by Anura Guruge

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The “Just Teazin Hair Studio” Website.

It was a great experience and a wonderful hair cut. I needed one, badly. Was looking even more like the ‘Wild Man of Borneo‘ than I normally do.

This was my first visit, as a client, to Just Teazin and I was impressed.

It has a near magical ambience. Very peaceful and relaxing. Soothing colors and decor.

However, I am not a total stranger to Just Teazin” — given that I did create their Website and maintain it. But it was my very first haircut there — mainly because I have been too busy to make it down there (preferring to just cut it at home).

It is Wolfeboro’s only fully organic hair studio and you can SMELL the difference. Unlike any other hair place I have been to.

You should definitely give it a try. Highly recommended. Two thumbs up and CHEERS.

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by Anura Guruge