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HAPItrack: Is This The FitBit Beater? Same Folk That Are Marketing The Catchy ‘HAPIfork’. Emmi-Dent Toothbrush.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access the Website.

Click to access the Website.

I went looking for the HAPIfork and found this instead. Definitely looks like a FitBit alternative. I am sure Deanna, still FitBit’s biggest advocate, will check it out. Looks bigger. But, the ‘app’ looks cuter. They also appear to be pusing the motivational aspect. Yes, FitBit tries to do that, but it is not a key aspect. Yes, I know there are also other products, but I haven’t checked them out.

This gizmo isn’t shipping yet. I can’t even find a price. Given the publicity the HAPIfork is getting, this tracker will garner a following. I really haven’t looked at the HAPIfork in detail as yet. No, I do not plan to get one. Yes, it is well known that I eat fast, very fast. That is to be expected. ‘Type A‘ folks eat fast. A trademark trait. I am NOT a ‘Type A’. That has been well confirmed. I am a ‘Hyper Type A++++ … that reads the fine print on the toothpaste tube while brushing my teeth‘. I didn’t know this, but that ‘reading the toothpaste tube while brushing your teeth’ is what really separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to Type A personalities. I was told this by a psychologist. It is not a bad trait. Just means that the brain craves stimulation. Plus, unless I am eating out, I very rarely eat without also doing something else. At night, I eat late. Invariably past 8pm. I usually watch TV while eating. Growing up I read while I ate. Actually my grandmother used to sit by my side and feed me so that I could concentrate on my reading. My father loves telling people about how old I was when this was still happening. Didn’t do me much harm. Got a lot of reading done. So, I doubt whether I will be slowing down my eating, HAPIfork or no HAPIfork.

The high-tech gizmo that we next need to get is this. Our second ‘ultrasound’ toothbrush, this time a high-end Philips, bit the dust just before Christmas. We had had it for about 2 years, and Deanna and I both used it. I detest the FAKE ‘ultrasound’ toothbrushes that dentist promote. They are not ‘ultrasound’. They just vibrate faster. This ‘Emmi-Dent‘, from what I can see, is the REAL McCoy. You don’t even brush with it! Plus you need special nano-technology toothpaste. That is cool. I will keep you posted on this toothbrush.

Click to access Website.