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Harold Wilson, MY First British Prime Minister, Was Born Today, 101-Years Ago — March 11, 1916.

by Anura Guruge

He was Prime Minister from 1964 to 1970 & 1974 to 1976.

Those coincided with my formative years in Britain.

My very first visit, just for a week was in August 1967. It was two year later, in September 1969 that I moved to Britain to eventually become a citizen etc.

I graduated and went to work for IBM in 1974.

So Harold was P.M. during all those early years.

I was not much into politics BUT remember that these were turbulent days.

I also remember kind of liking Harold. I think he was a likable bloke. I could be wrong.

Wikipedia entry. Click to ENLARGE and read here. Link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Wilson

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by Anura Guruge