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Hospitals Charging For Crutches Is A Crime Against Humanity.

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by Anura Guruge

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Why can’t U.S. hospitals have some kind of ‘rental’ or recycle scheme for crutches. Charging patients — or the insurance company — for them seems so¬†exploitative and duplicitous. Most people only need crutches, worst case, for 6 weeks. So why can’t hospitals have a scheme to deal with it.

Yes, of course, charging for crutches is an EASY way to make money. Stealing candy from kids. It, to me, is a disgrace. Crime against humanity.

No wonder U.S. healthcare costs are through the roof.

This is wrong. Very wrong.

The swap shop at our dump invariably has multiple sets of crutches waiting to be taken home by somebody. I also see them at consignment shops. So people do want to get rid of them after they have healed. Why can’t you just take them back to the hospital?

Very easy for hospitals to deal with it — other than the fact that ALL they care about is fleecing US blind. Don’t charge for crutches to begin with or worst case charcrutchesre222ge a small nominal amount for a 6 week or 8 week rental. Then IF you return them to the hospital within that period — like when you go back to have your cast removed — that is it. You paid a small rental for the crutches. IF you don’t return them you could ask for an extension, pay a bit more, or pay for the full amount.

I can’t BELIEVE that Medicare and Insurance Companies don’t push for this.

Don’t give me any grief about hygiene factor etc. Wheelchairs, hospital beds and even operating tables are REUSED. So crutches can be sanitized. You don’t cringe when they put you in a wheelchair. YOU have NO IDEA who was in their previously or whether it was even wiped down after that! So, what is the big deal with crutches.

So, please lets start a movement to better utilize cructhes.