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Do YOU Know Dr. Scot H. Merrick, Heart Surgeon At University of California, San Francisco?

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by Anura Guruge


IF you do KNOW him, PLEASE HELP!

Matter of life and death,
but more of the latter.

It is NOT for me. It is not even for anybody in the family. I am desperately trying to help out somebody I only know via this blog! I have never met her.

She is very, very ill. While we are are all dying, she is going to do so rather quickly IF she does NOT get ANOTHER heart valve ASAP.

She had an artificial heart valve inserted ‘2’ years ago. It started leaking a ‘few’ months ago. About a month ago it was determined, after 3 weeks of vacillation and needless distractions, that she MUST have a mechanical heart valve inserted to replace the leaking one. But since then NOTHING has happened. She is getting weaker by the day. Basically she is getting less blood getting pumped through her body every day.

She has a 2 year old! She is a single mother.

Most days she doesn’t have the energy to make the phone calls. I, on her behalf, at her request, tried for 40 minutes yesterday.

Wow. It was beyond a joke. Dartmouth Hitchcock take a bow.

That I am not a relative complicates matters though last night she had me added as a contact.

IF you have access to Dr. Scot H. Merrick PLEASE tell him to get one of his folks to contact me. IF this surgery is not done soon it is going to be too late! That is the problem.

So, IF you know this surgeon and have access to him, PLEASE help.

Yes, I have tried the 415 353 1606 number.