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“Great British Bake Off” Season 6 Final — I Think Tamal Is Going To Win.

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by Anura Guruge

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The Season (Series) 6 Finalist


I put the tick marks in to HELP YOU. Click to ENLARGE and savor. From the BBC homepage for the show. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b013pqnm

Tamal, my pick,
(from the BBC home page for the show).


Click to ENLARGE. Refer to above image.

I am writing this at 12:00 pm Eastern (U.S.) on Wednesday, October 7, 2015.

The Series 6 Final will ONLY be airing on BBC (UK) in 3 hours, i.e., 8pm (London).

So I am writing this 3 hours ahead of the airing and I have not gone snooping around the Web to see if I can find out who won. I don’t want to know UNTIL we watch it, probably Friday, on YouTube. Yes, that is going to be difficult tomorrow morning when I read the U.K. ‘Daily Mail‘, first thing in the morning, as is my wont. MAYBE I will forgo that for 2 days! Pretty drastic … right? But, we love this show. Totally addicted and who would have suspected. I DVRed it, last year, on a whim. Had no idea that we would all get totally hooked.

Anywho, I am rooting for Tamal, and I am doing so NOT because he is Indian. Remember I am NOT from India.

I think he has been, right through the show, the ‘fox’. Yes, I know that he has become a British heartthrob.

Lets face it, this is a REALITY show and they, in the end, care about ratings. They would, of course, like this show to be as big as ‘Top Gear‘.

Tamal, as the winner, would give the show quite a bit of publicity and appeal. That is just my thinking; I, a professional cynic.

Interesting how the finalist panned out. Two white, two brown; two males; two females. Yes, yes, that was a coincidence, convenient or otherwise.

Anyway, fingers crossed. Actually we don’t mind who wins. We like them all. I can relate to Ian. They are all very likable and I am sure that that is a fundamental criteria as to who gets to appear in the show.

We have been watching it on YouTube. I detest the buggers who put in fake ‘clips’ just to get hits. How desperate do you have to be to be such a scummy, lowlife? I need to tackle that issue at some point — with YouTube. Lets eliminate SPAM posts. So annoying.

But, for the good stuff … the FINAL. May the best baker win.