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“Shibboleth”, A Lovely, Powerful Word That I Discovered Today.

by Anura Guruge

This NBC post is where I saw. Click on image to access the original story.

I came across it in the above NBC post. Stopped me dead in my tracks. I could not recall ever coming across that word. Something about it. It sounded so evocative. Had to look it up.

Its meaning blew me away. WOW. What a great word. I am bummed that I had never come across it before.

I love words. I love names — which also happen to be words.

I had to share this word with YOU.

I discovered that it was Biblical. Yes, I can see the Hebrew origins.

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by Anura Guruge

Pope Francis Gives INTO Temptation And Changes The “Lord’s Prayer”!

by Anura Guruge

Click for U.K. “Express” original.

I wrote about this in December 2018.


Click to ENLARGE and read. From: ucatholic.com.

HUGE change, but it will not be instantaneous.

It will first appear in the Italian Missal — which has yet to be published.

It will then take years before it percolates into the other Missals — especially English.

What is bothering many is that the Pope’s change will ONLY apply to the Catholic version. So, we will now have two versions of the Lord’s Prayer; the Catholic version and the non-Catholic version.

What fun.

However, as I said in my December 2018 post, I do AGREE with the pope (for a rare change).

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by Anura Guruge

Pope Francis Resists Temptation, For Now, To Change The “Lord’s Prayer”.

by Anura Guruge

Click for “National Catholic Register” original.

Has it ever occured to you that the “lead us not into temptation” line in the Lord’s Prayer sounds incongruous?

It is telling the Lord not to lead you into temptation! Yes, Ah!

Why would the Lord want to lead you into temptation?

But, that is basically what that line is saying.

Please Lord, do NOT lead me into temptation“.


Pope Francis quite rightly thinks it just doesn’t sound right.

But, he is NOT going to change the Lord’s Prayer.

I repeat, he is NOT going to change the Lord’s Prayer.

He could, if he wanted, BUT he is NOT going to do it for now.

He just wants you to THINK about it. And I always like folks that ask others to THINK about something worthwhile.

The French have changed their translation to take out the ‘lead’. The pope likes that. So, do I.

It has all to do with translations.

Contrary to what so, so many Americans think the Bible was NOT written in English and Jesus did NOT speak English.

The English and French versions have come about through a tortured course of translations over 1,600 years. From Aramaic/Hebrew to Greek … to Latin … to colloquial Latin (i.e., Vulgate) … English/French.

It was during this process that the ‘lead us’ came about.

So, NOW you know the real story.

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by Anura Guruge

Pirke Aboth ‘Sayings Of The Fathers’, In Etchings by Saul Raskin (1940) Book. If You Are Interested Contact Me.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

I think it is fairly common knowledge that I collect books and I am surrounded by books.

This was a book I picked up last week. It was on a pile of unsorted books on the floor of my study when I saw it on Sunday and started looking through.

It is a beautiful (big), right-to-left book.

The etchings are works of art. I was not familiar with Saul Raskin and had to look him up.

While I collect any and all ‘art books’ and I do have a fairly decent collection of books on Jewish history and culture, I think that this book should be in the possession of somebody who can appreciate and treasure it better than I can. It has Hebrew with English translation. So somebody who can read Hebrew or learning Hebrew might enjoy this.

This book also has a history. The bookplate on the Title Page refers to ‘Esther Prebluda‘ and from what I can see she is rather famous and even has an award with her name.

It was given as a gift, with ‘appreciation and gratefulness‘, in February 1959.

I can’t make  out the names. The recipient might be a ‘Rebard Hasty‘. The gifter was a ‘Sam‘ but I cannot make out his last name. 

If you are interested in this book and can get it to somebody who will treasure it contact me. My contact information is on the sidebar. I get a feeling that it should be in synagogue library. The book, given that it is 73 years old, is in wonderful condition as the picture clearly show.

But, I am more than happy to keep it. It will be a nice addition to my art collection. I have not shown it to the kids or Deanna as yet. They will enjoy it. Deanna will probably insist that we keep it.

Yes, there is a copy for sale on eBay, but my copy is in much better shape.