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‘Active Telephones Inc.’ — Leader In 1970s Snail-Paced, Unsecured Hotel Wi-Fi!

by Anura Guruge


Active Telephones Inc.‘, of Milford, Connecticut, is SO, SO BAD that you can’t even call them a joke. They are beyond that.

I stayed at the Mystic, CT, ‘Ramada Inn‘ earlier this week. The hotel had some issues due to poor management but was ‘OK’ (for the price) BAR the APPALLING Wi-Fi provided (if you could call it that) by bloody ‘Active Telephones Inc.’.

For a START you couldn’t sign into the bloody Wi-Fi with Chrome! Chrome was TOO secure. That is crazy.

So if you are using Android, as we do, you could JUST about, after 30 attempts, sign-on IF you had the Android Browser on your device.

And then the speed.

It was like using 64Kbps dial-up in the 1970s.


The hotel staff keep on telling you to call Active’s Hotline at: 866-747-2226. I tried. There was NEVER an answer. No voice mail. It rang and rang and rang forever. Dreadful.

I have just trashed the hotel, all over the Web, because of this stupid W-Fi. As you know I am no stranger to hotels. Though retired I still stay in more hotels than most. This is the WORST Wi-Fi I have ever encountered.

The Manager of the Ramada, who claims his name is “Robert“, promised me $10 off my bill for the LACK of Wi-Fi. Well that did NOT happen (as yet). Empty promise.

Stay AWAY from this dreadful company, ‘Active Telephons Inc.’ and stay away from the Mystic, CT, Ramada.


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by Anura Guruge