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September 4, “E-Day” For “Edsel” — A Day To Commemorate Brilliant Failures!

by Anura Guruge

THE Ford Edsel — For Ever Synonymous With Failure.

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The Henry Ford Family Tree.

Edsel was the FAMOUS son, Henry Ford II’s father.

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September 4th will always be “E-Day” — the day in 1957 that the Ford Motor company launched the ill-fated Edsel — the “E car“.

As such September 4 is a day to commemorate and celebrate FAILURE — brilliant failures at that.

Interestingly, “E-Day” is the ONLY event of any note that has EVER happened on September 4.

Some, ill-formed lists of ‘anniversaries’ will list September 4 as the birthday of Henry Ford. NOT SO. The Henry Ford, who created Ford, was born on June 30, 1863.

September 4 is the birthday of his grandson, Henry Ford II. BIG, difference.

He was the one that launched the Edsel. It was to coincide with HIS birthday!

The ‘Edsel’ was quite the ego trip for Henry Ford II. It was named after his DAD!

The name “Edsel” itself, IRONICALLY, is an old English word for ‘rich’. Well the Ford’s were indeed rich, though not thanks to the Edsel.

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by Anura Guruge