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IF Your Eversource (PSNH) Bill In May Is $40 – $200 Higher … Do NOT Panic!

by Anura Guruge

IF they have your e-mail they should have sent you an e-mail a few weeks ago. Eversource (‘Eversore‘ as I call them) are transitioning towards ‘Automated Meter Reading‘. This has screwed up when the February reading was done.

So rather than your bill being for the usual ‘month’, i.e., 28 – 34 days, the March bill could be for a 40+ day period. Mine was for 41 days. So that explains the ONE-TIME spike (hopefully).

So check your bill. Check the date range and it will say so.


Click to ENLARGE and read. My bill. 41 days.

From my March 3, 2016 “6 Images Post”. What a NEW ‘Meter Read Remotely’ meter looks like. This was for a closed for the winter lake cabin.


Click to ENLARGE and read here. From the ‘Eversore’ Website: eversource.com

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by Anura Guruge

Bernie Sanders — Academic Qualifications: No Higher Degree, No Ivy League, No MBA.

by Anura Guruge


From Wikipedia. Click to ENLARGE and read here. Use link below to access original.

Click here to access Wikipedia original.

Just listening to his unrealistic plans — which Hillary Clinton took him to task during Thursday night’s debate — I had a hunch that he was not an academic heavyweight. He, at a minimum, seems innumerate. The math of his proposals, whether it be health care or ‘free’ education, just does not add up. Plus given the weight of Superdelegates against him, mathematically his chances of winning the Democratic nomination is slim to none SINCE all the Democratic Primaries and Caucuses are PROPOSITIONAL. He won BIG in New Hampshire but got the same number of delegates as Hillary. There aren’t other States, bar Vermont, that he can win with BIG enough majorities to overcome Hillary Clinton’s 30x (i.e., 30 TIMES) lead in Superdelegates.

Obama went to Harvard and has a J.D. — a Doctorate in Law. He even had a job as a bona fide University Professor teaching Law.

George W. Bush went to Yale and (this will surprise many) got an MBA from the Harvard Business School!

Clinton, did attend famed Oxford University as a Rhode Scholar — and it is described as “perhaps the most prestigious (of postgraduate) scholarship”– and got a J.D. from Yale Law School.

George H. Bush, whose schooling was interrupted by World War II, did finally attend Yale.

Hillary, like Bill, also has a J.D. from Yale Law School.

So this should explain a LOT about Bernie Sanders. Think about it.

[Oh, in case you are wondering I do has a Master’s (with Distinction) from the University of London (U.K.). SMILE.]

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by Anura Guruge

Amazon Stock Price, Despite 2015 Q4 Results ‘Miss’, Unchanged Over 48 Hours!

by Anura Guruge


AMZN chart from “marketwatch.com” on Friday, January 29, 2016 — 1:35pm. Note that current price is HIGHER than it was at 2pm on Wednesday, i.e., 48 hours ago! All of yesterday’s wild swings was ‘just in the wash’.

Click here
to access “marketwatch.com” original.

I said it last night. These wild, knee-jerk selling/buying of Amazon shares, is hilarious (and profitable) to watch IF you are a disciplined investor.

After-market and pre-market before Friday opening the stock was down over $85. But once the markets opened it settled at around down ~$50. BUT it had made roughly $45 on Thursday ahead of the results. As the chart above demonstrates AMZN is actually trading HIGHER than it was at 2pm on Wednesday — i.e., just 48 hours ago! So all of the last 24 hours, to long-term professional traders like I, was nothing but ‘froth’ — comes out ‘in the wash’. As I said last night it is great for option trading and I did, as is my incurable addiction, wrote two options on AMZN today. Could not resist.

Just trying to bring some sanity to bear, BUT it is OK. Somebody has to drive the stock. Enjoy.

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by Anura Guruge

My N.H. Anthem Obamacare (ACA) Healthcare Insurance Premium For 2016 Is Up 29%! 50% Increase Over 3 Years.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Click each image to access original article.


From Forbes — from TODAY, Nov. 4, 2015.

** ** ** ** ** **


Washington Post from yesterday. So these are all recent.

** ** ** ** ** **


November 2, 2015.

Given that I do circulate in Democratic circles I often encounter folks that tell me how great Obamacare is.

One amusing problem. None of those that tell me how great Obamacare is get their health insurance from Obamacare!

Walk in my shoes. I do get my insurance from Obamacare. Let me tell you that it is NOT affordable. Obamacare is a FRAUD.

I, in 2015, paid an additional $1,450 in TAXES because they said that my Obamacare premiums had been too low. So my 2014 Obamacare premiums, in reality, were 88% higher than what bloody, duplitiious healthcare.gov quoted me.

I have had with Obamacare.