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President Obama’s 2013 ‘State Of The Union’ Speech. It Was Uplifting. So Many Great Proposals. Bravo. Thank You.


Anura Guruge

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Am I the ONLY one that noticed that this was the first State of the Union in 20 years without Hillary Rodham Clinton? I missed her. As I said recently, I have done a 720┬░ on her and Bill.

Also noticed that that dark, not-good-looking, quite fat, always scowling (as he should) Supreme Court Judge boycotted the event. I am glad. He always spoils the surroundings, he always looks so out of place.

I let Devanee stay up and watch it. I was glad. She is into politics and given that she campaigned for Obama it is only fair that she gets to see him in all his glory and pomp.

The Republicans already lost 2016. Sitting glum, not applauding when the President asks for the minimum wage to be increased or to ensure equal pay for women will not get them many votes. I feel bad for them. Poor John Boehner. He looked pale today, but who wouldn’t sitting next to the irrepressible, Joe Biden. I think he also has something wrong with his legs. He only managed to stand up twice and that was a struggle. He might need leg braces soon.

Loved 98% of what the President proposed. Things are definitely brighter. This was a good night. I was pleased. Devanee was impressed. I have listened to 20 odd (and some extremely odd) State of the Unions. This I think was the best. Bravo Mr. President.