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‘Durgin Park’, Boston — Last Day, Last Meal, January 12, 2019 — Yes, We Were THERE!

by Anura Guruge

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The usual benu (being sold as a souvenir for $5) and the photocopied menu used today.

Yes, we were there and it was SPECIAL. Glad I made an effort to get down to ‘Quincy Market‘ for the DAY. Yes, it was poignant too. There are folks losing JOBS! The kind of elderly (i.e., MY AGE) waitress who served us, with aplomb, ‘Allison’, had been there for 20-years. She wasn’t too happy. I took care of her with my TIP. {Smile} And she smiled too when she saw it. There were hugs all over the place.

We got there early. It was likely to get MOBBED later in the day. We heard from folks that THEY (i.e., Durgin Park) ran out of food at 5pm last Sunday!

I knew they opened at 11:30am. So, I planned to be there for that. I expected a LINE and there was one, BUT it wasn’t as long as I had expected.

We left home at 8am! It was bitterly cold. We parked at the BostonMuseum of Science‘ (where we get discounted parking because we are members) by 9:40am. We took the MBTA to ‘Quincy Market’. We were there by around 10:15am. There was NO LINE. So, we ‘did’ the ‘Market’. ‘Faneuil Hall‘ was closed because of Trump’s Shutdown.

By 11am there was a line forming. We joined it at 11:15am. There were about 30 people ahead of us. Around 11:25 they opened the doors. They felt sorry for us. IT WAS COLD. They let 50 folks in. We were in that batch. The kitchen was not as yet open but you could start with drinks.

It was GOOD. Great atmosphere. Everybody was reminiscing.

It was WAY TOO early for I. I don’t normally have my first meal of the day till 1:40pm. So, I just ordered a few appetizers and even then we brought much of it home. But, no matter. What counted was that we were THERE.

I was never a regular patron. So, I can’t claim to have a special relationship with ‘Durgin Park’. But, I did go there, for dinner, for the first time 32-years ago. September 1986. I remember that. I have eaten there AT LEAST 10-times. Most likely more. So, I am not a total stranger either.

Well … another bit of history gone. But, I can say, with PRIDE, that I was THERE.

Flag flying upside down in the wind! Symbolic.

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by Anura Guruge

Boston’s ‘Durgin Park’ Restaurant Is Closing Down, This Saturday, January 12, 2019, After 192-Years!

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and read here. From ‘boston.com’. Google for more.

Click to access their impressive, photo-rich Website.

Click to ENLARGE and read here. Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durgin-Park

I stumbled upon this sad news accidently. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Had to Google it myself.

Wow. Talk about the sad end to a legendary property. A true part of Boston’s colorful history.

I first went to ‘Durgin Park‘ 32-years ago, in September of 1986. I am sure I was told that it was Boston’s OLDEST restaurant. Well, they have modified that claim.

I am surprised that they are struggling. They always looked full. Yes, I haven’t eaten there in some years. I confess to that.

It was such a fun place. Great atmosphere.

I am sad. I can’t believe that they couldn’t have kept it going.

Oh, dear.

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by Anura Guruge

‘Canyon de Chelly’ — The Bell At The ‘Thunderbird Lodge’.

by Anura Guruge

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Canyon de Chelly Thunderbird Lodge bell Anura Guruge

The ‘Thunderbird Lodge‘, right at the entrance to the Canyon, is the historic & iconic hotel at Canyon de Chelly. This bell has been there for ages. It is well known. I have yet to find out what it was used for. It might have been a meal bell given that it is at the back of the cafetaria.

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by Anura Guruge

Sri Lanka v Australia 2016 2nd Test (Galle) — What A Match; Historic Series Win By Sri Lanka.

by Anura Guruge

From cricinfo.com‘ (of course).

Click to ENLARGE and view here.


The 2nd Test, in Galle, was quite the epic. 22 wickets fell in the 2nd day. Starc getting 11 wickets in the match and Dilruwan Perera getting 6 for 70 in the second innings.

Who would have thought that Australia would CRUMBLE, this easy, for the 2nd time in a ROW! Wow.

The 1st Test was amazing too. Who would have bet on Sri Lanka winning after their 1st innings.

Tremendous come back from Sri Lanka after their shellacking in England. I guess it is true what they say that the Sri Lankans are hard to beat at home.

Well done. Great cricket.

So much cricket on TAP (yet again). I can’t keep up.

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by Anura Guruge

Ahead Of February 4 Sri Lanka Independence Day Let Me Share Some Real Old Pictures.

by Anura Guruge

These are Public Domain pictures.

[So don’t even THINK about putting copyright notices on them.]







I can, from my time in Ceylon 1953 to 1967, relate to ALL these pictures. I remember Colombo jetty when it was like that I have gone out on launches from that jetty many times to visit ships in the harbour. The Town Hall hasn’t changed any and Galle Face, at least the front, is just as I remember from my time. Peradeniya is much the same. So these are COOL. Not postcards per se. Cigarette Cards — which they used to include in packets. I have found about 240 of these.

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by Anura Guruge

Lake Winnipesaukee Ice-Out, Analyzing The 127 Years Of Data — To Celebrate Yesterday’s, i.e., April 17, Ice-Out For 2013.



Anura Guruge

Yesterday was ice-out on Winnipesaukee.

Historic ice-out data going back to 1887 is available at winnipesaukee.com. So that is 127 years worth of ice-out dates.

I, for the first time this year, had a couple of hours off! I am waiting for Amazon to publish another Kindle book. So, I wanted to indulge myself while I waited (patiently) and given that I am strange crunching data is an indulgence.

So, I did some quick analysis. One thing I quickly noticed is that people don’t pay enough attention to LEAP YEARS. In terms of days into the year, March 23 & March 24 are both 82 days independing on whether it is a leap-year or not. So to say that last year was the earliest ice-out is wrong in a way.

I copied and pasted, did some concatenations and replaces, used (the now unsupported but still available) =DATEDIF Excel function and =WEEKDAY and voilà. [No, I never type in data.] Yes, I had to hand calculate the 13 pre-1900 years since Excel dates only start as of 1900 — but I used the Windows 7 calculator that can calculate dates going back to 1500 and one of my perpetual calendars. So, I ended up with a sortable Excel spreadsheet — which looked like this, after I had sorted it by data distribution. All calculations are based on days into the year, starting January 1 of each year.

Click to ENLARGE. This was towards the end when I was calculating date distribution.

Click to ENLARGE. This was towards the end when I was calculating date distribution.

Ice out dates over the last 127 years. Click to ENLARGE.

Ice out dates over the last 127 years. Click to ENLARGE.

The day of the week that ice-out has occurred -- Thursdays the most prevalent. Click to ENLARGE.

The day of the week that ice-out has occurred — Thursdays the most prevalent. Click to ENLARGE.

Distribution of ice-out day across a 51-day spread between March 23 and May 12. Click to ENLARGE.

Distribution of ice-out day across a 51-day spread between March 23 and May 12. Click to ENLARGE.