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I Am Finally On Facebook, For REAL, Due To The Insistence Of Itzik Nosatzki.

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by Anura Guruge

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I had, for YEARS, adamantly refused to maintain a Facebook account. Deanna, an avid Facebooker, maintained some pages for me because everybody tells you that you have to have a Facebook presence. Yes, in 2006 or 2007 I tried Facebook for a few months and did not like it at all, at all. I deactivated my account! about 18 months ago I re-activated it BUT had it battened-down, as much as I could, so that very few people would see it. Very occasionally I set up ‘Web presence’ for people, typically lawyers, and when doing so it helps to have an active Facebook account to get various things going. So that was the reason.

Then last Friday, September 25, 2015, Itzik, his delightful wife, Iza, and his youngest 3 kids came to visit, for dinner — they having come over from Israel, for 2 weeks. Itzik’s first visit to the U.S. in 22 years and the very first for Iza and the kids.

reenginererI have, in my “Reengineering IBM Networks” book (published 1996), referred to Itzik as my alter ego in the Holy Land. Itzik and I go back to 1992. He is in the ‘Top 5’ of PIVOTAL figures in my life! Itzik changed my life (for the better I like to think (maybe hope)). Itzik was the one who convinced me to QUIT corporate life and go off on my own as an INDEPENDENT consultant/analyst. My ‘parents’ had tried to get me to do that for years BUT it was Itzik, in the end, who made sure I did. Moreover, he managed to get me to do so the VERY WEEK my son, Matthew, was born. He, along with another GREAT man, Ed Grace, came to New Hampshire in May 1992, checked into a hotel in Nashua and told me: “Yes, we know your wife is having a baby. No problem. You do what you have to do. When you have time come and see us.” They meant it too. So the day after Matthew was born, with my wife’s permission, I had breakfast with them.

My Danielle, 1992, aged 3. Yes, she was at the White House! Click to ENLARGE. Recognize the Lady in Red.

I quit my rather cushy job with BBN, as their ‘Principal Consultant’, two weeks to the day of Matthew’s birth! My wife, after a long career at Wang, had quit work 3 years earlier when my daughter, Danielle, was born. So now with two kids I set off with no guaranteed salary, health insurance or other benefits. It worked out. Thanks to Itzik.

Itzik, the founder of the Israeli ‘GoDaddy’, Interspace.net, is one of the cleverest men I know — and I have been very fortunate to know a few. Plus, he is hugely successful and 3 of his kids are megastars! So I listen to Itzik.

So when Itzik BEAT ME up, the way that only Israelis can do (and I have been ‘beaten up’ by quite a few of them given that I have done a TON of work for Israeli companies), that I was NOT on Facebook I finally relented. So … 

On Saturday I started afresh on Facebook and signed up Itzik as my first friend. That was apropos. Itzik and I go back a long time.

I hope I have done the right thing. I am still not convinced. SMILE.

100,000 Hits on Google+

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by Anura Guruge

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>> 1/2 million.                          >> 350,000 hits.
>> 250,000 hits.                           >> 200,000 hits.


Given that it is ‘Google’ Google+ has to be deemed important and significant IF you, like me, are into reaching out to the large wide world via the Web.

I don’t really do much Google+ specific. I just make sure that everything I post on WordPress, on ANY of my blogs, gets mentioned on Google+.

It appears that I have a TOTAL of 11 followers on Google+ and I think 3 or 4 are family, all from Deanna’s side, and one of them I have never met or have spoken with. But another, of late, is my ALTER EGO in the Holy Land, Itzik Nosatzki. That Itzik follows me on Google+ makes me HAPPY.

Itzik and I go back to 1992. I do NOT think I would be here, in 2015, writing this stuff if NOT for Itzik.

I met Itzik, and I vividly remember it, at the close of one of my seminars in Amsterdam, Holland in early 1992. He came up to me and asked me “Do you do private consulting?”. I answered “Yes”. He went away. Few minutes later he was back and asked me the same question and got the same answer. AND we did, to be on the safe side, for the third time. Itzik REALLY did want to make sure that I did private consulting — which I indeed did. He took my card and a week later called me and said that he and a group of others were coming to Cambridge, MA to meet with me. The rest, for me was HISTORY. Itzik convinced me to leave BBN and go off on my own and start off by providing 90 hours/month of paid consulting to Harris Adacom — the company he worked for. I did. And that is how I ended up here.

Itzik is a GREAT guy. For 18 months we had a ball. It was so much fun. Itzik told me many, many jokes — two of which I still, 23 years later FONDLY retell.

So, this was just to mark me crossing 100,000 on Google+. Amuses me. But it gave me the chance talk about Itzik — and that is ALWAYS good. Actually two days ago I had an e-mail from him saying that he plans to be in Boston in August. Of course we will meet. There are some real nice, real special guys in this world, and Itzik Nosatzki is one of them.