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Concord, N.H. 2016 “Multicultural Festival”, Saturday, June 25 — The Pictures I.

by Anura Guruge

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All pictures taken with a Fujifilm X-E2s.

Attribution WILL be enforced.

One Picture Each Of Each Of The Performances.

See list below — in order, of appearance at the Festival,
and as such also of the pictures
[left to right –>].

The List of Performances (in order and corresponding to above gallery).
Emcee Victoria Adewumi, Wah Lum Dragon and Lion Dance, Capital Celts, In the Field Irish Dancers (x2), NH School of Scottish Arts’ Highland Dancers, Himalaya Heritage Music Group (x2), 
Holy Trinity Greek Dance Troupe, Nepali Performance, Filipino Folk Dancers of NH, Salsa Colombiana, Nepali Performance, Song of the Lark, Filipino Folk Dancers of NH (2nd dance), Cumbia Colombiana & Akwaaba Traditional African Drumming and Dance Ensemble

Though we have only missed one of the 14 (in total) ‘Laconia Multicultural Days’, this, inexplicably, was our first ‘Concord Multicultural Festival’ (and definitely not the last).

It was good. Very, very good. Loved it. 4 solid, packed hours — 2 to 6pm — in what was, again, picture perfect weather (high 70s). It was brilliant. Vary varied, fast paced, 15 – 20 minute performances and a wonderful ambience and spirit. I would say there was always at least 200 people in ‘that’ corner of the State House Lawn and towards the end, with the African Drummers in full voice we probably had 300 – 350 folks — many dancing.

It was great. So good to see such events in still 90% white New Hampshire. Bravo. Kudos.

I liked, without exception, all the performances. We, given our annual pilgrimage to Boston’s Chinatown for Chinese New Year, are no strangers to Dragon Dances. We have seen plenty. So seeing one here was not that special. We have also seen the Himalayan, African Drumming and Nepali acts in Laconia. But they never get old. They were good. Since we go to the Loon “Highland Games“, religiously, the Scottish/Celtic parts were not new to us either, BUT they too were good.

If I had to pick three favorites I would have to say Himalaya Heritage Music Group, Akwaaba African Drumming and Irish Field Dancers. But, I again stress, it was all good.

The Emcee Victoria Adewumi was outstanding. The PA system needed to be bigger (i.e., more ‘oomph’ with more speakers). But that minor.

I am and I was so happy. Great day. Ended up with another huge meal at Tandy’s Pub in Eagle Square as we had done on Thursday.

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by Anura Guruge