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The Gross Incompetence Of The ‘Alton Central School’ (ACS) Administration Is Again ‘Up In Lights’.

by Anura Guruge

By all means go check the original at Vimeo.

Yes, this is the latest incident of BULLYING by ACS — by ACS Administration (not the kids).

Making fun of Teischan YET AGAIN!

Bullying — like racism — comes in many shades.

Well, let them have their petty satisfaction.

A shameless crew. All of them, led by their shameless Superintendent & grossly shameless Principal — a man very short on principle.

C’est la vie.

We were NOT at the graduation. As far as we are concerned she did NOT graduate from ACS. She was homeschooled.

Teischan hates that place.

There has been a ‘Guruge’ at that school for 13-years & the buggers still PRETEND that they don’t know what our name is.

They CANNOT — they CANNOT — hide by saying this is a NEW one off issue.

Let me share this e-mail from 3-years ago.

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by Anura Guruge

Bullying Is Back BIG Time At ‘Alton Central School’ (ACS), N.H., So, What Does The Administration Do …

by Anura Guruge

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They make sure kids will not have their phones with them so that they can RECORD the incident or call for HELP.

Honest. I kid you not. This is serious stuff. Could be life and death, especially given that the latest incident involved an 8th-grade boy being physically beaten by two other 8th-grade boys.

That happened last week (the week that started January 27, 2020).

It happened during a ’20-minute’, 8th Grade recess outside. Another 8th grader, who had a phone with them, recorded the whole incident.

Folks, including other parents, have seen the video. No, I have not seen it. But a friend of ours did and told us about it.

Vicious beating with foul language. 8th grade boy being beaten up by two other boys.

Yes, we know the name of all three involved. The two attackers are related (but I won’t divulge how they are related because that might prove too much of a clue to their identity). It is also the case that the parents of those involved actually know each other, socially!

Yes, I e-mailed the Principal & Assistant Principal (who I have known for years) about this incident last weekend. They as such know that I know. I urged them to take the necessary action. As I expected they did not respond.


The beating is NOT broken up by any adults.

No teachers present.

The ACS Admin, extremely political savvy, was MOST distressed that there was a video of the incident! That was their main worry. That there was a video. Now they can’t spin the facts. There is a video.

So, what is the first thing they do. Make sure that kids will not have phones on them.

They do not want more videos.

What can I say.

We have no more skin in the game. We are homeschooling our 13-year old.

We spent nearly 3-years trying to minimize bullying at ACS. We thought we had succeeded. Obviously we had not. Pity.

I will monitor the situation. It would be so much better if current parents get involved. Bullying must be stopped.

What happened last Thursday was inexcusable.

Where were the teachers.

I am so glad that we have a VIDEO of it.

Please ….

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by Anura Guruge

IF This Is THE 2019 ‘School Of Excellence’ In NH, I Am Mortified How Bad The Other Schools Must Be!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and study here. Relevant links below.

Great Schools link for ACS


This did NOT surprise us. Alton Central School (ACS) is Teischan’s school and Devanee also went there. So, we know ACS well — which is also why both Teischan & Devanee were homeschooled at various times.

We got these September 2019 test results last week. When I saw them I knew that ACS was in trouble — because I know Teischan and if she is this much ahead of the school, the other kids are sunk!

The NH EDies are a SHAM. I think they are a ‘pay for play’ Vanity Plate scheme. Yes, they will argue that their awards take into account more than academics. But, if a school is failing on academics it can’t really have a claim to excellence.

Well the charts above tell everything that needs to be told.

Schooling in NH leaves much to be desired.

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by Anura Guruge

1st Day Of Grade 6 — September 5, 2017.

by Anura Guruge

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Attribution WILL be enforced.

The end of Summer 2017 for I — never mind her! Usually by the middle of August she is ready and eager to go back to school. Not so this year. 5th Grade was an ‘issue’. She was real reluctant to go back and even tonight she is begging to be ‘homeschooled‘. That is not an option with her …

As some of you know I am NOT a morning person and her bus comes somewhere between 6:30 – 6:40am. But, for the last 7 years I do make an attempt to get up on her first day back. So, I did again this morning.

We were outside as of about 6:25am and the bus was a bit late (which was to be expected). So we had both trampoline and hula-hoop shows prior to the bus. That is always good. Lets her get rid of some early morning energy.

Now if she would just let me sleep till my normal 8:30 – 8:40 am tomorrow.

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by Anura Guruge

Removing Our 5th Grader From Alton Central School (ACS) and Homeschooling Her!

This morning we handed in the necessary letter to the Superintendent of ACS so that we can start homeschooling our 5th-grade daughter as of Monday next week.

This was a huge and unforeseen step for all of us — but one we had no choice but make.

If you had asked me even a week ago whether I would ever consider homeschooling I would have been emphatic in my answer: ‘are you kidding?

But, we couldn’t take it any longer. She was learning next to nothing, especially when it came to science and math — and I stress learning which I appreciate is different from that ‘of being taught‘. That said, from all I could see, the quantity and quality of what she was being taught left a lot to be desired. [q.v. this post] I have been doing this off-and-on for awhile. When our daughter gets home I grill her on what she got taught that day, what paperwork she did in school and what she got for homework.

When she was in 3rd-grade we found a major anomaly in the homework policies of ACS and we ended up going and speaking to the Superintendent. That got fixed within the day.

In 4th-grade, i.e., last year, she got more homework than she is getting this year. Math and science homework, since the start of 2012, has been trivial. Yes, I have taught and I know that marking homework is a chore. No homework — nothing to mark. Yes, they have a variation on that too. Homework that isn’t marked. Suffice to say that all of this was not helping our daughter.

Yes, we are lucky that we can afford the ‘luxury’ of homeschooling. I am retired and at home most of the time. And yes I have a Masters in computer science (from the University of London, U.K.), have taught post-graduate and graduate computer and marketing courses at SNHU, and from 1983 to 1998 spent much of my time doing professional, stand-up, 1 to 5 day, IT training in the U.S. and Europe. So, I think I can handle the challenge of homeschooling particularly since my wife can also help — full-time.

Yes, we have been ordering books like crazy. 12 are on order. Plus, we have a ‘few’ books in the house!

Until this week I really didn’t have much truck with homeschooling. It was not something I could identify with. Funnily enough a month ago I attended a Saturday training program for Destination Imagination (DI) assessors (i.e., judges). Met a number of local mothers who were homeschooling. When they learnt that I was also a rather passionate DI Team Manager, they asked whether I would consider being a Team Manager for a team of homeschooled kids next year. Well it looks like I will …

I am and will continue to be a big believer in Public Education.

My father, put his life on the line, quite literally, to make public schooling a reality in Ceylon. I only found out about it much later, but it appeared that there were two kidnap threats against me to try and stop my father from going ahead with what was called ‘the schools TAKEOVER’. Here is a good headline on it from 1960. Here is an article.

My father, as a civil servant, was put in charge of implementing the takeover. I was 7 in 1960, and attending a private school that my father tookover! It was ‘fun’! Teachers would get me to stand-up in class and harangue me for what my father was doing. This takeover lasted quite a few years. I later learned that there were three attempts to assassinate my father. I remember the police guards and some days going to school with a police escort. I remember my father’s office surrounded by barb wire and armed police guards. This was the defining experience of my early youth. Though it was and still is controversial, we as a family are very proud about the success of the schools takeover act. Kids in Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, get free education. Even the university system is free. The motives were good.

So, public schooling is something that I feel passionate about — though I attended 3 years of private schooling (in Paris and London) and my son, now 19, went to a private Catholic school in Leominister, MA — ostensibly so that he could play football. To be honest I was not impressed with that school though to be fair he did get a good education and he is doing well at Wheaton. My eldest daughter, nearing 23, attended public school, albeit in southern NH, and is now finishing her Masters in Forensic Psychology. She is very proud that she graduated from public school. Looking back, I have to say, the difference in the level of education she got and what I am seeing at ACS is like chalk and cheese. The irony is that the school system that she attended, serving three towns, is in an area that, in terms of demographics, is nowhere near as ‘well off’ as Alton. I will be surprised if there are even 10 million dollar homes in that entire area!

Yes, I plan to document this new unexpected chapter of our life: homeschooling a 11-year old.