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Elizabeth Warren Is A Proven Liar, Joe Biden Not As Much. We Got To Cut The Ol’ Codger Some Slack.

by Anura Guruge

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I like Joe Biden. Period. I think that he is an honorable man.

I really don’t think he would lie about this. He is NOT Trump.

Plus, how come we are using this against poor ol’ Joe, when it was OK for Trump.

NO, I am not condoning such behavior. Just saying that we have to be fair to all.

What about having this THOROUGHLY investigated. You can’t have Poor Joe’s career ruined by unverified claims. That is my only point.

Bloody Warren should keep her mouth shut. She is so worried that Biden will make her so irrelevant. She is a LIAR. Please, stop telling me what you believe. I believe you lie.

I don’t believe Joe lies. Joe is a good man. He has a good wife. I have met her. I put my arm around her. So, am I also a creep now. I don’t think she objected. I could be wrong.

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by Anura Guruge