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California Bans Hotels From Dishing Out Small, Individual Plastic Shampoo, Conditioner … Bottles. I Am Ecstatic.

by Anura Guruge


Thank YOU.

Love it.

Click to ENLARGE. From CNN. Google for more.

My pet peeve. Waste at hotels. This step by California is small, but in the right direction. Click to access my post.

Shampoo that you buy doesn’t have tamper resistant seal. So, DON’T bitch. Bring your own.

Made my day. I was ecstatic.

So, great. So, good.

The wanton waste at hotels drives me to distraction and beyond. So, uncalled for, so unnecessary.

Hotels being irresponsible and basically giving us, collectively, the finger.

The shampoo bottles are bad BUT it is the sugar and sweetner that breaks my heart. I have first hand experience of living in the third world. I know poverty. The sugar/sweetner that is wasted can keep a kid alive.

This is a first step. But, let’s applaud it. I am delighted.

Let’s make this global.

Then let’s work on the sugar/sweetner.

Thank you, California.

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by Anura Guruge

Wanton Waste Of Sugar/Sweetener By Hotels Is A Crime Against Humanity!

by Anura Guruge


I am talking about the plastic enclosed condiment kits provided by hotels as part of their coffee maker service.

My GRIPE is the fact that each packet contains BOTH a sachet of sugar and a sachet of sweetener — and in the case of the more generous ones, two sachets of sugar and two sachets of sweetener.

Though I am sure that there are some that will use BOTH the sugar and the sweetener to add taste to their coffee many will use just ONE — either the sugar or the sweetener. And, moreover, there will be those that don’t use either, but just opt for the creamer.

What kills me is what happens to the sachets that are left UNUSED.

I do NOT believe that room service collects them and recycles them. There will, obviously, be some ‘safety’ and ‘hygiene’ issues with that.

I am fairly sure that the cleaners just toss the unused sachets in the garbage.


Why can’t we have a better scheme.

I, for one, would NOT have a problem if hotels had dispensers like the ones we find at even ‘high-end’ restaurants. IF we will use them in restaurants why should we have an issue using them in a hotel room? IF they, in any way, look tampered or soiled YOU could, of course, call room service for more.

Or we can have SEPARATE sugar and sweetener condiment packages. I will just use the sweetener packages in the room and the sugar ones will remain unopened.

This is an outrage. A crime against humanity.

There are millions around the world that would LOVE this sugar/sweetener we are throwing away (and PLEASE don’t even start the debate about sugar being bad for you since that is not what this is about).

THINK. Thinking is good for you.

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by Anura Guruge

I Get My “Top Contributor” Badge At “Tripadvisor” With My 50th Review.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE.


Click to ENLARGE and read here. My 1st and ONLY ‘1 star’ review — ‘Acadia Sunrise Motel’ in Trenton, Maine.

Kind of amuses me that “tripadvisor” managed to cajole and pander me to write 51 reviews! They have one heck of a system and scheme, mainly relying on ones ego, to write these reviews. It is the ultimate in ‘frequent flyer’ type loyalty programs (as introduced by American Airlines in the 1970s) BUT the catch here is that the ONLY rewards you get is ‘recognition’! They give you nothing back — as far as I know — for writing these reviews. I definitely haven’t go anything other than these virtual badges. But, I will confess, that it can be satisfying to share your opinion.

I only went on ‘tripadvisor’, in September 2013, because I wanted to tell the world about the dreadful experience we had at the ‘Acadia Sunrise Motel‘ in Trenton, Maine — our first visit to Acadia. I was venting and ranting. We were mad. But then ‘tripadvisor’ sucks you in, very cleverly. They ask you about the “Visitor’s Center”, restaurants in Bar Harbor and the next thing you know you have written 3 reviews. And that is how it went.

I am by know means a regular or committed contributor. I haven’t by a long chalk reviewed all the restaurants we have been to since that first review. After a trip I typically feel compelled to review the hotels. Then they get me to comment on local attractions and restaurants. Soon I have all these badges and they keep on cajoling me. Once I passed 40 review I did want to do 50 and get ‘Top Contributor’ status. Not sure what is next. It is a harmless lark.

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by Anura Guruge

Top 25 Hotels In The U.S. Per “Tripadvisor” Traveler’s Choice.

by Anura Guruge


Click to access the complete list at “tripadvisor”.

I contribute reviews and photos to “tripadvisor” though I can never rationalize to myself as to why I do so other than for purely egotistical reasons. I have actually done 49 reviews and am just one review away from being classed a ‘Top Contributor‘. But that is all I get. Seems somehow wrong. You would think that they would give you some kind of travel points. But c’est la vie. But, also to be fair, I do use the site, albeit not that often, to check out recommendations, especially in terms of places to eat.

As for this list of hotels, suffice to say that I have not stayed at any of them and probably unlikely to ever do. But you might find it useful.

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by Anura Guruge

Expedia: A CONFIRMED Hotel ‘Reservation’ From Expedia Is MEANINGLESS! Not Worth A Damn.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and study. Actual Expedia hotel conformation.

A CONFIRMED hotel reservation from Expedia means NOTHING.


All it means is that Expedia ‘accepted’ your reservation. It has NOTHING to do with whether the actual hotel accepted and CONFIRMED that reservation.

Got that?

Let me explain that to you again, and use the above as a real-life example.

Though I had the above Expedia hotel confirmation, with a confirmation number, the hotel, i.e., the Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District, had NEVER received my reservation let alone confirmed it.


Click to ENLARGE.

The Expedia reservation number has NOTHING to do with the Wyndham. It is BUT an Expedia reservation number.

Wyndham confirmation numbers are much shorter, such as this.


Though I do not travel that much anymore I used to travel much, much more than most. For about 15 years of my life I used to travel, out-of-town, 3 to 4 nights a week. So I am no stranger to travel. Unless it is a hotel that knows me by name (and that used to be the case with many of the major hotels in Raleigh, N.C., since I was there every week) I never arrive at a hotel BEFORE reconfirming my reservation. As I have stated before I have contingency plans for my contingency plans. So …

This trip, to Philadelphia, blighted by the Brandon Bostian Amtrak 188 crash, was the first time, ever, that I personally have used Expedia. Never again.

Though I had the Expedia conformation, I was NOT going to arrive at a Hotel, with the two kids, until I knew that everything was OK.

So, I called up the hotel. They did NOT have the reservation. Never heard of it.

I called back again about 4 hours later. Same result. The Wyndham Philadelphia did NOT have a reservation for me.

I called Expedia.

I got to the bottom of it — BUT NOT thanks to Expedia.

The Wyndham was outstanding. I was very impressed.

Expedia, from what I can see, based on this experience, sucks.


A confirmed hotel reservation from Expedia could have YOU sleeping on the streets.

Omni Hotel Independence Park, Philadelphia Sets Out To Profit From Fatal Amtrak Crash.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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I had a call from a manager at the Omni this morning. They had obviously seen the media blitz I had done about this cancellation policy, including taking to Yelp. I also contacted their HQ. he said that they will not be charging me the cancellation fee nor anybody else impacted by the Amtrak accident.

I am glad. They should have had this policy within hours of the accident. Shame it took them 48+ hours — and it came after I went to town.

Hope this helps.

Omni Hotel Independence Park, Philadelphia

Click to ENLARGE and read. This sucks. Omni Hotel Independence Park, Philadelphia — how low can you stoop. Shame on you.

Omni Hotels & Resorts are despicable.

Trying to profit from an accident.

Wow. Things must be desparate.

I said I would GLADLY reschedule. Change the reservation to next week. NOPE.

They want their pound of flesh.

Take it. If you are that desparate.


Right now there is no Amtrak service from New York to Philadelphia.

Amtrak is NOT sure about Thursday, i.e., May 14, 2015. I am not going to take a chance.

Amtrak allowed me to cancel, 100% refund, no hassle. I am impressed.

I had bought travel insurance through Allianz. I didn’t need the insurance because Amtrak cancelled without a fee.

ONLY entity that gave me any trouble is Omni BLOODY Hotels and BLOODY Resorts.

Shame on them.

Trying to profit from an Amtrak accident where 7 people died.

Shame when businesses stoop that low.

Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve Scottish Style) in New Hampshire.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.


..by Anura Guruge

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I have talked about ‘Hogmanay‘ once or twice before on this blog, given that it is a holiday that I am very fond of. Yes, it is a New Year’s Eve bash, but it is one done with gusto, passion, lots of music, some bagpipes if you are lucky and of course, lots of booze, with single malts coming into play at some point. Yes, it definitely helps if you are dark haired, or even better have black hair and a dark complexion — now that chimney sweeps are hard to find. Yes, there is a lovely Scottish tradition that says that associating with dark people at hogmanay bring you luck for the coming year. It originated with chimney sweeps, but now it applies to all darkies (like me). I used to get invited up to Glasgow in Scotland for hogmanay. I had a friend, who died last year, who was a big wheel in every sense in Scotland, who booked an entire hotel for the night of December 31st so that his friends could celebrate hogmanay in style. At midnight women would line up to be kissed by the darkies …

I am surprised that there aren’t many, if any, hogmanay parties in NH given the crowds that attend the annual Scottish Highland Games at Loon. There are 2 to 3 hogmanay style Scottish dinners at the local hotels on Friday and Saturday night during the games. I would have thought that they would try and do a proper hogmanay party along similar lines. All you need is a couple of Scottish musicians and hopefully a few bagpipers.

I did find one event labelled as such in NH, but it is at a church and it finishes way before midnight.

Click to access.

Click to access.

Next year, when all have recovered from any and all hangovers from this year’s celebration I am going to start talking to various people about extending their event to include some elements of hogmanay.

Check the list of U.K. holidays I posted before Christmas. In Scotland both January 1 & 2 are holidays, the second day a must to recover from the first footing of New Year’s.

Happy New Year. May you be showered with all that is best in life in 2013.

Hogamany in Edinburgh. Click to access article in a Scottish newspaper.