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“Poor People’s Pub”, Wakefield (NH): Revisited For Father’s Day — June 18, 2017.

by Anura Guruge

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New Hampshire’s #1 Lobster Roll in 2017!

It was Father’s Day, and as such I could pick — and I picked “Poor People’s Pub“.

I had only been there once before, on April 29, 2017, for their 43rd birthday bash — but, I liked what I had and what I saw. My kind of place given that I am very much a ‘Shake It‘ kind of person. You have to go there to see what that is all about. {SMILE}

I had a good time. It was around 1:30pm and that is a tad too early for I. So, I had just their hot dog special and their roast beef sandwich, sans the bread and chips. Yes, just the meat. I brought all the carbs home for the dogs.

It is a fun place and I like the location. Great place to take pictures.

Jimbo, the ‘Hobo’, nor any of the family was around and that was a shame and a loss. They were, quite rightly, celebrating Father’s Day away from the maddening crowd.

Devanee had the lobster roll, New Hampshire’s BEST per WMUR — with or without Russian help in the voting — and liked it. Deanna, the lobsterman’s daughter, refused to have lobster in New Hampshire on the grounds that we are going to Maine twice and she would rather eat lobster there — close to the ocean! I wanted meat and the hot dog special was right up my alley — as was also the case with Teischan.

The house red was GOOD. Much appreciated.

Well, I will be going back again …


The carbs I brought back for the dogs. It is OK.
They get plenty of exercise, running and swimming.

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by Anura Guruge