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Netflix “The Dig” (2021) Movie — Superbly Showcases WW II-Era British Human Decency, Class Snobbery & Homosexuality.

by Anura Guruge

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I watched this Netflix movie, with awe, last night & did NOT want it to end. I kept on wishing & hoping that it was a SERIES rather than a solitary movie because I wanted MORE. Much more. It was that good.

Netflix has done it again. They really have found the touch. This was a GREAT movie. Yes, IF you are NOT an Anglophile you might complain that it was a tad slow. But, it needed that pace to SHOWCASE & dramatize its touching take on what used to be quintessential British HUMAN DECENCY. Britain used to be famous for it & I think we can still find it there. Wow. So many examples of how decent we were. Brought tears to my eyes.

Also, alas, but realistically portrayed what used to be — & probably still is, but not as blatantly — British CLASS warfare. Wow. Working class against the TOFFS. Smile.

Though many might not notice it, the movie also cast quite the light on what used to be rampant male homosexuality among the ‘Oxbridge’ crowd. I, even in the late 1960s, saw it first hand. I got expelled from Public School because I went to extraordinary lengths to bring this (among some of the Masters) to the attention of the parents. Thanks to my efforts quite a few kids managed to convince their parents to take them away from Boarding School. So, this theme amused me, no end. SMILE.

Good movie. IF you liked ‘Downton Abbey’ you probably will ENJOY it. Watch it. You will THANK ME. Based on a TRUE STORY.

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