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Pope Francis, Once Again Wearing Gold, With The Insane Riches Of The Vatican As A Backdrop, Condemns Wealth.

by Anura Guruge

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This irks me no end. Yes, the pope makes a pretense of trying to lead a simple life BUT he invariably surrounds himself with gold. There is nothing in the Bible that says he need gold to give him credibility.

And as for the Vatican’s insane wealth — or for that matter the opulence in which Church prelates continue to live.

I no longer think that Francis is a hypocrite when it come to this matter — i.e., telling us to abandon wealth while the Vatican and the prelates continue to accumulate and glorify.

No, I just think he is TOO STUPID to realize what he is saying and the hypocrisy involved!

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by Anura Guruge

Do NOT Buy Al Gore’s ‘The Future’ In Hardback.


Anura Guruge

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Do NOT buy Al Gore’s latest book,
‘The Future’, in HARDBACK.

Demand the paperback.

Hardbacks waste trees and energy! Period.

This has noting to do with Al Gore, the book or what it has to say.

This has all to do with the sheer hypocrisy of Al Gore publishing a book, which among other things decries global warming, in hardback. It is the same as Al Gore jetting around the world in private jets decrying carbon emissions.

There is absolutely no justification for hardback books TODAY
other than profit margins and author vanity.

Remember, I have been in book publishing for a long time. Today we have something called ‘Perfect Binding‘ for paperbacks. Perfect binding can handle any size book. I just finished reading Ken Follett’s ‘World Without End’ in paperback. 1,039 pages of story. All told it was probably 1,060 pages long. No problems. Took me 2 months to read it. The binding was fine.

Al Gore’s book is half the size.

There is NO need for it to be in hardback other than for generating more profits.

This is wrong. Makes Al Gore look like even more of a fraud than he really is! I like him. He is a likeable guy. Good sense of humor. But he is not genuine.

With Al, it is: ‘Do as I say, not as I do’!

Not good Al. Credibility. You lack credibility, BIG TIME. Sorry.