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Arresting Contemporary Ecumenical Icons From Mary Jane Miller, A Dear Friend Of Clearlakes Chorale’s Anne Grady.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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P1080515cropAnne Grady, a music teacher, and a clear-as-a-bell soprano, is Devanee’s inspiration and mentor at Clearlakes Chorale. So when Anne tells me anything I take immediate notice. This Thursday Anne told me about Mary Jane Miller, her friend for nearly five decades. She had just got back from visiting with her, in Florida. She asked me to have a look at the amazing body of work by Mary Jane. I was blown away. Wow, they are good.

The multi-religious ‘The Dialogue for World Peace’ is 31′ long. In my mind I measure all things longer than a yard in terms of boats I have owned. 31′ is longer than any boat I have owned. That is big. This is an amazing piece. I know the perfect place for it. The UNESCO HQ in Paris.

Have a look at her work. You really must. She also has a number of books on icons. Check it all out. Take your time. Her pricing is good, too.

Click  images to access featured Mary Jane Miller Website …



We Went To The Dover Greek Fest On Saturday, August 31. It was a BLAST. Great People. Lamb Was Divine!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I wasn’t going to miss this. I had been thinking about the lamb shank for a week. I earned that lamb shank! Working like a crazy person is more or less the norm for me. But this last month had been even crazier trying and succeeding in getting out 2 books in print, 230 tightly formatted pages, within the month — in addition to updating the eBook versions. So I was ready for that lamb shank. It was good. Exquisitely and delicately spiced. Very tender. Fell off the bone with the lightest touch of the plastic fork. These Hellenists know how to cook their lamb.

The kids discovered another treat. Baklava Sundaes. Decadance in a plastic bowl for $3. I refrained. I didn’t even have the rice that came with the shank. But the kids had a Baklava Sundae each. Genius.

The Fest was at the Dover Hellenic Center on Longhill Road. First time we had been there or even knew it existed, Large building on a HUGE tract of land. Kind of tucked away. We found Longhill Road by luck. That worked out. We had thought it was closer to town — but as we were driving into Dover, from Rochester, on the ‘back road’, Deanna happened to see the road sign that said ‘Longhill’. From that point on they had good signage for the Fest. Very well done.

Nice bunch of people. Teischan’s piano teacher, Siroun Braun, was there. She is the one, in the red top, in the gallery above — talking to Deanna and Devanee. She is the one who told us about it. The priest (Proistamenos) of the (beautiful) Dover ‘Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church‘, approached me and thanked me for my post on the Fest. Siroun had sent him the link. You can see him in the very first picture, in glasses, serving food.

Altogether we had a GREAT TIME. Missed the live band. But, we will be going next year.

At the fest I got to meet with iconographer D.C. Christopher Gosey, an ex-architect from Texas, who now lives in Manchester and has been painting mesmerizing icons for the last couple of decades. He is the one that painted most of the icons in the breathtaking Dover ‘Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church‘. It really was an honor and pleasure to meet him. He also does a lot of Ethiopian icons. I hope to bring you more of his work in the future. Mr. Gosey take a well deserved bow. Here are some examples of his work, though these pictures really don’t do him the justice he deserves.

Teischan’s Second Piano Recital, Saturday, June 15, 2013 At The ‘Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church’ In Dover, NH.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to watch YouTube video (1:03 minutes). Teischan is playing “Minuet and Trio”.


Click to watch YoiTube video (1:24 minutes). Teischan the duet with her piano teacher Siroun Braun. The piece is “Hay Seed”.

This was Teischan’s second piano recital. Her first was in December. She started lessons, in Alton, with Siroun Braun. So she has been playing for 10 months. She did good.

Beautiful church. Magnificent icons and ceiling paintings. I did not even know they had a Greek Orthodox church in Dover. They hold a Greek festival in August, 30 & 31, which is supposed to be very good — and even better than Portsmouth. We will try and go. We like Greek festivals.

Click any of these pictures of the Church to ENLARGE them.

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church' In Dover, NH.

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church’ In Dover, NH.

Google Chrome On Windows XP Does Not Properly Support GoDaddy eMail! That Is Diabolical.


Anura Guruge

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I have now been using Chrome, exclusively, for just under a month. On the whole it has been ‘seamless’. I can’t believe that I was able to walk away from FireFox that easily, without nary a backward glance after over 12 year association. I really haven’t encountered any insurmountable problems with Chrome, on Windows 7, though I will continue to contend that I find it a tad sluggish compared to FireFox!

Last night I used Chrome on my Windows XP machine (which I still keep around because I still, alas, use FrontPage 2003). I was all excited that Chrome was going to automatically sync all my bookmarks, extensions etc. as soon as I signed in. It did all of that and I was happy.

But, I noticed that it would not render [i.e., display] my Bookmark Toolbar icons! That is a bummer because in some cases, especially with the very distinctive icons [e.g., Marketwatch, Bloomberg, Yahoo] I do not have any text next to them. Just the icon. On Windows 7 this works like a champ. On XP you get the generic ‘page’ icon for all. I thought this was a screen resolution issue so I ‘reduced’ my screen resolution to make the icons bigger. Still no joy.

Then I went to access my e-mail and I nearly fell off my kneeling stool seat. I reloaded and reloaded again. I even restarted XP!

GoDaddy e-mail, the e-mail service that I have used for eons (if not longer), just does not render in Chrome!

So I fired up FireFox. E-mail is just fine. I fired up this Windows 7 PC. Accessed e-mail. Just dandy. Went back to XP. Damn thing looks like somebody puked on the screen.

Here. This is what it looks like on Chrome on Windows XP.

Remember how GoDaddy rushed to my aid when I ran into traffic issues on my blog when the pope resigned. That is GoDaddy. Google should learn from them (though I have to say that Google was pretty awesome when we have had hardware issues with our Google Nexus 7 pads).

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

For a start, look at the parts I have underlined, twice, in red. Look at the BIG button. Notice that you can’t read the TEXT … which actually says ‘Move’ because it is displaying white text on a white background! All those little blobs you see, like bleached mouse droppings … those are supposed to be full size buttons.

This is crazy. This is stupid. This is unacceptable.

So, I Google. A known problem, going back to at least 2011. That is diabolical.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

Notice that there is now a Chrome APP to access GoDaddy e-mail. I refuse to go that route. I have accessed GoDaddy e-mail from a browser for longer than most Google programmers have been out of diapers. I am not going to go down the slippery slope of relying on an APP to access Web-based e-mail.

That Chrome can be site-specific, depending on the version of the Operating System is beyond pathetic — and I am here talking as an ex-professional programmer for IBM, an ex-microcode programmer, a person who started programming in 1969, somebody with both a B.Sc (Hons.) & M.Sc. (Distinction) in Computer Technolgy/Science and somebody who taught computer programming at College level. This is just piss-poor programming. Simple as that.

I am not amused. Can’t believe that Google hasn’t fixed this or that GoDaddy, with their enormous clout, hasn’t leaned on Google and forced them to do the decent thing. Amazing.

Two Things I Like About Google Chrome 25 Over FireFox 18.


Anura Guruge

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I have now being using Chrome Version 25.0.1364.172 m full-time as my default Web browser for 2 days.

I am getting used to it. 

There are two features that I found that I think are dynamite:

1/ As long as you permit it to logon to you Google account (and why not given that I am logged on anyway for Google Search, Google News and Analytics) Chrome automatically synchronizes your Bookmark Toolbar anytime you invoke Chrome on another machine — provided, of course, that you are logged onto the same account. For me this is a lifesaver since I keep a backup machine. With FireFox I had to manually synchronize the Bookmark Toolbar. I found out today that I can even access the Bookmark Toolbar on our Google Nexus 7 pads. Remember, I am not talking about Google Bookmarks. Of course you expect that to be available across machines. I am here talking about the Bookmark Toolbar. I like that feature.

2/ This actually has to do with WordPress and is kind of ‘cute’. When creating a post, such as this, I use the standard WordPress editor. This editor has a title trench up at the top where you enter the desired title for the post. With FireFox there was NO SPELL CHECKING of that title line! Honest. I had got into the habit, when I remembered, of copying the title and then pasting it into Twitter to see if there were any spelling errors! Yesterday when I was typing in a title the squiggly red lines appeared in the title bar. I nearly fell off my chair. I had always assumed that this was a WordPress anomaly. Never thought it would be browser related. Just shows ya.

A few other things I have noticed. No question, Chrome consistently gets lower download and upload speeds on speedtest.net. We are not talking in the 1% to 3% range. But it is consistent. Maybe it is the rendering engine. Google must know about this.

After complimenting on its spelling prowess with WordPress titles, I have to now say that Chrome’s spelling dictionary is not as good as that used by FireFox! Again something that Google could asily fix.

One last thought. Did Avast, with their invasive Release 8, which promotes Chrome, set out to sabotage FireFox. I did a quick search. FireFox users with Avast 8 are noticing erratic performance. I had noticed this too which is what promoted me to switch to Chrome. So if this was a dastardly conspiracy between Google and Avast, it worked.

I had one inexplicable quirk last night. My whole PC blinked twice, momentarily, last night, i.e., both my monitors went black and just came back up again! Related to Chrome or is it Avast?

Switching Browsers From FireFox 18 to Google Chrome 25?


Anura Guruge

A Few Pertinent Posts:
  +++++ do a SEARCH (>>>>) on ‘FireFox’ for others’ >>>>>
1. FireFox 18.0.1: ‘Clear History’ hang — Jan. 30, 2013.
2. FireFox 16.0.1 to 18.0.1: — Jan. 27, 2013.

Exploiting the Bookmark Toolbar with 'edited' icons to get the access I want. Click to ENLARGE.

Exploiting the Bookmark Toolbar with ‘edited’ icons to get the access I want. Click to ENLARGE.

3 excellent Extensions give me all the Wikipedia and Delicious functionality I need. I have a Delicious icon on the Bookmark toolbar to access the site. Click to ENLARGE.

3 excellent Extensions give me all the Wikipedia and Delicious functionality I need. I have a Delicious icon on the Bookmark toolbar to access the site. Click to ENLARGE.

It was a week ago that Avast, without asking me, let alone giving me a choice, installed Chrome on this my main work PC. As I did say at the time I did kind of think that this may have been providential since I had been mulling the idea of migrating, wholesale to Chrome. I just hadn’t got around to downloading Chrome. Avast did it for me and over the last week I have been playing with it off and on.

Tonight I used it for two hours as my only browser — in place of FireFox! Since I always have two instances of FireFox, one on each of my 2 monitors, I did the same with Chrome. Per speedtest.net, Chrome, contrary to all what folks claim, including speedtest.net, is not as fast as FireFox 18.0.1. But the difference is marginal. Only I would notice such things.

FireFox of late had been driving me to distraction. That I had to jump through hoops to have a Google Toolbar with it was becoming a pain.

Ironically over the last 24 hours I had finally worked out that I can quite easily get by without a Google Toolbar! Wow. Talk about overcoming an addiction. I was just so used to it. Didn’t want change.

I used the Google Toolbar for just a few selected functions, albeit all very important to me, i.e., doing Google searches, invoking Google news, accessing Google maps and getting Google to translate Web pages for me. The translate functions is built into Chrome and is just a right click away.

What I discovered was that I can exploit the Bookmark Toolbar, with icons and edited site descriptions, to serve as a surrogate for the old Toolbar. So I just put icons for Google search, News and Maps. Plus, with Chrome I can do searches straight from the address bar.

I also need instant access to Wikipedia. In FireFox my 2nd search trench was set to Wikipedia. I found that I can get the same functionality and more with two extensions to Chrome. Ditto Delicious bookmarks.

So far so good.

Lets face it, FireFox vs. Chrome with David vs. Goliath, except this Goliath is unlikely to be slain.

I am totally resigned that I am a slave to Google. So why not go with the tide. The general consensus is that Chrome is a marginally better, i.e., more solid, browser.

FireFox seems to just be lurching from one crisis to another. I am sure Google is doing what it can to make FireFox look bad.

So it would appear that I and FireFox may be parting company, though I doubt whether I will ever remove it completely from my PC. It is, to me, the known devil.

I am amazed that I am actually saying what I just said. I was such a huge, devotee of FireFox. I started using FireFox in 2003. I would try to convince all that I met to move to it from IE. The whole house used FireFox till recently. Then I told Devanee to start using Chrome. She has been using Chrome for about 3 months — alongside FF. She claims not to have any problems. Obviously on the Google Nexus 7 pads the kids use, the default browser is Chrome.

So stay tuned.

Me saying that I am ditching FF is as major a change of heart as me saying that Hillary Clinton will be President from 2017 to 2025. We are talking full 180° about turns.

P.S.: The final kicker was my call to Microsoft support on Friday to find out why I could not verify my confirmation e-mail on MS Account. When the very nice and helpful lady, who told me she really did work for MSFT, told me she uses Chrome on her home computer — I knew it was a sign. An omen.

How Obama Won New Hampshire — The In-Depth, Town-by-Town Data Analysis.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

NH red and blue town-by-town map — Nov. 14, 2012.

Well, we all know that President Barack Obama again won New Hampshire, which was a battleground state, and superficially ‘red’, especially if you went by the roadside political signs.

Voting in NH is done in terms of 237 ‘towns’, a few of them having multiple precincts such that there is a total of 301 precincts. This ‘deep dive’ computerized analysis, however, is done in terms of the 237 ‘towns’ as this is the most germane and meaningful.

A Grand Total of 705,874 valid votes were cast in
New Hampshire on November 6, 2012.

Obama got 368,529 (52.2%) of those votes.

Romney got 327,870 (46.4%) votes and the two ‘independents’, Goode and Johnson, got 1,156 (0.2%) and 8,319 (1.2%) respectively.

Obama thus won by 40,659 votes (5.8%).

But the above doesn’t tell you the whole, intriguing story. So given that computerized data analysis is something that I relish doing (and do a lot in terms of my papal history research) I went about setting up an Excel spread sheeting and analyzing the data. I got the raw data from WMUR, from this page. [No, I did not type it in. It is all a matter of ‘copy-paste-replace-replace-tabulate-cut-paste’ and viola!]

Obama won more votes than Romeny in 142 ( 59.9%) towns in NH. So that is more than is 52.2% ‘popular’ vote win.

He won Dalton’s 492 votes by ONE (1)!; Obama 241, Romney 240 & Johnson 11.

He won Deering by 3.


Obama lost 94 towns to Romney, with Dixville (the 1st in the Nation to announce the vote) the ONLY tie.

Obama lost Haverhill by 1 vote.

The towns in which Obama had the greatest majority in terms of the votes cast (i.e., ‘%). Lyme tops the list, with intellectual Hanover, home of ‘Dartmouth’, coming in next. This list makes interesting reading.

Obama New Hampshire Win by Anura Guruge

The top NH Obama towns in terms of ‘%’ win. Click to ENLARGE.

The towns that were the most Pro-Romney in terms of ‘%’, and it grieves me that New Ispwich (which was my 1st home in NH, 1986 to 1996 and still home to my eldest, though my son voted in MA) and Alton (2007 ->) are right there at the bottom! But, we won.

This chart, which shows the top 10 numerical plurality that Obama enjoyed tells the story as to how and where Obama won NH. He won all the big [i.e., most populous] towns. As Bill Clinton will say, the rest is arithmetic.

Where Obama won BIG. Click to ENLARGE.

So just in these 10 towns he got a 41,722 vote lead.

In the 142 towns he carried, his total lead was 73,213.

In the 94 towns he lost, his deficit was 32,554 — hence the overall 40,569 win.

The town with the numerically largest anti-Obama vote was Bedford, with 3,277. Alton’s ‘margin’ was 940, that of Gilford 315.

Though I am very possessive of my popes-related Excel spread sheets, I am happy to freely share with Excel spread sheet with anyone else who is interested. Just e-mail me.

There Is Now A FireFox 16.0.2 BUT I Have Not Installed. Worried What It Will Do.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access Mozilla FireFox release note page.

After nearly a decade of being a beta tester and a recipient of AUTOMATED FireFox updates, just 2 days ago I changed my preferences in FireFox ‘options’ so that I get notified of updates, but they are not automatically installed.

So, a few minutes ago I got a notification that FF 16.0.2 was available — which is not a surprise given what a disaster 16.0.1 has proved to be. I am going to be cautious. I will wait to read reaction on the Web BEFORE I do the deed.

So, this is a heads up to you all. PLEASE share your experiences with FireFox 16.0.2, hopefully ALL GOOD, with us. I will post them for you.

Thank you. Cheers, Anura.

New Delicious Add-On For FireFox 16.0.1!

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Delicious FireFox 16.0.1

Click image to get details directly from FireFox

New Delicious Add-On installed in my FireFox 16.0.1.

New Delicious Add-On installed in my FireFox 16.0.1.

There is a NEW Delicious bookmarking add-on that works with FireFox 16.0.1!

But, you don’t get it automatically even if you have the previous, now defunct, Delicious add-on installed (albeit disabled). That is crazy. There is NOT even a notification that a new version is available. Stuff like this drives me nuts. FireFox has an incredibly loyal user base — some of us who have been with them for over 10 years. Don’t be so hostile! Communicate. Help us, and we will help you.

When you install the add-on you will have to re-install the menu bar buttons IF you disabled them when Delicious stopped working with FireFox 16.0.1.

I haven’t used the add-on much at all, as yet. Just installed it a few minutes ago. Accessing Delicious via the menu bar icon seems to work. Haven’t tried to bookmark anything as yet.

Just a heads up, because I know that there is a lot of angst about Delicious and FireFox 16.0.1.

Hope this helps. Cheers.