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Opinion In ‘Quora’ On How To Increase Your IQ Fairly Consistent With My Beliefs.

by Anura Guruge

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I have some fairly strong views on intelligence, IQ and IQ Tests — which I have spelled out in my two “Brain Meditation” books. I think we are all born with a maximum potential IQ rating that we can never exceed whatever we do, how hard we try. That said, I am know that most of us do not even get within spitting distance of that Max. I reckon that in the majority of instances our brains, at best, are working 30% to 35% BELOW that Max. But, the good news is that we can work on trying to improve on that number — i.e., go higher up in terms of brain utilization, and hence ‘IQ’ rating.

I know that you can learn, train and practice to be better at IQ tests. Anything that regularly stimulates brain chemicals, in a good way, such as just plain thinking and meditation, also helps, indubitably.

Hence, why I could relate to this Quora post and even bothered to bring it to your attention. The last 4 items listed are all to do with THINKING. The ‘imagine’ admonition is a variant of what I urge in terms of ‘virtualization‘ in my ‘Brain Meditation‘ program. So, check it out. You have nothing to lose.

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by Anura Guruge

London Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony: The John Lennon Segment Was Inspired. Thank You.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Click image to see YouTube video of the brilliant, inspired John Lennon segment from the London Olympics closing ceremony.

Click image to see YouTube video of the brilliant, inspired John Lennon segment from the London Olympics closing ceremony.

Imagine that!

After screwing up so badly in the Opening Ceremonies with poor Muhammad Ali and the snubbing of the Empire, and then the horrible goof at the start of the Closing Ceremonies with the Winston Churchill faux pas, the London 2012 Olympic organizer got the John Lennon segment just right. Bullseye. A perfect ’10’. Bravo. Read the comments on the (above) YouTube clip. Spot on.

I am so thrilled. So uplifted. So proud. That was a great moment for all of us. Thank you.

The crowd in the stadium knew at once that this was special. The applause was louder, faster and more sustained. It was as if Usain Bolt had set another record.

All that we all wanted to see was real Lennon. No actor. No imitator; like Winston, Lennon is inimitable. To see him at the start on that grainy 1970 video was to capture the true essence of the Beatles and Britain in the 1970s.

The whole segment including the creation of his face was magical. Bravo. The song … immortal. It was John as we knew him and loved him.

I still remember where I was when I heard that he had been shot and had died. I was driving a car, to work, in North London … not that far from where the Olympics were held. I was at an intersection. I was stopped waiting for a break in the oncoming traffic. I had Radio One. The news came on. I was stunned. My legs froze. They say you will always remember where you were when you heard that JFK had been assassinated. Well, I remember that too. We were in Ceylon and my father got a phone call with the news and he said: ‘I am not surprised’. Well, to me it is where I was when I heard Dear John was dead. Yes, I have been to Strawberry Banks in Central Park, NYC to pay my dues. [I have a couple of rare pictures of him here.]

So where was Ringo?

Sir Paul, as is his due, got star billing in the Opening Ceremony. That is how it should be. Here is a YouTube video of that … ‘Hey Jude’.

George, alas, can’t make it. But, Ringo, as far as I know, is still with us and doing fine. So why SNUB him. He may not be a great drummer but he is not a bad guy, and he was a Beatle. I think that it was rude to not have him do something. People still adore him.

But, I will close with one of my favorite Beatles stories. Lennon, in the early 1970s was asked by a music reporter whether he thought Ringo was the best drummer in the world. Lennon, who could play the drums, as could George, replied, brilliantly: ‘Heck, Ringo isn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles‘. That is John Lennon. We got to see him and enjoy him at the Closing ceremonies. Thank you.