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Walking Scranton’s Spectacular Nay Aug Park With Its Roaring Gorge & Treehouse.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. GPS track (from my Garmin) of my 2.4 mile walk.

Some Pictures.
More to come.

Click to see them individually, in larger scale.

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Went to visit the park, around 3pm after spending many hours at ‘Steamtown‘. There was thunderstorms in the forecast and the weather did not look promising. So, I was hoping we could take refuge in the Everhart Museum which is inside the Park. It is closed on Wednesdays! That was disappointing.

But, we decided to explore until the rains came. Though it always looked imminent, it did not rain. So, we lucked out.

Nay Aug‘ is an Indian name and means ‘noisy brook’ — the brook is sure is that.

The Tree House was cute. I hiked the Gorge. You can see that in the GPS track. It was fun and scenic. I had fun. Got to see a train. That was a bonus.

The rose garden was quite impressive too, though it was past its peak.

Definitely recommend it. I wish we weren’t always keeping an eye on the rain. I would love to go back. Nice place Scranton — Joe Biden’s birthplace.

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by Anura Guruge