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Anthem (N.H.) ‘Print Temporary ID Card’ Function DISABLED.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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++++ Search ‘Anthem’ for my new woes with damn ‘Anthem’ >>>>

Thanks to the sterling efforts of ‘Lisa C.’ of the New Hampshire I finally have an Anthem membership number — though they have yet to hit my credit card with either of the two (2) payments I have made, Dec. 27 & Jan. 3, and have e-mails from them confirming my payments.

Lisa and the Manager from Anthem, Robert Murr… II, both told me that I would be able to print a TEMPORARY ID card once I created an Anthem account and logged in.

NOT so.

I was able to set up an Anthem account, as I showed on the above posts. As I also said in that post the ‘Print Temporary ID Card’ function is DISABLED.

Lisa called me again today to make sure that I had managed to create an account.
Thank YOU, Lisa. You are AMAZING.

She did not realize that the ‘temp ID’ function was disabled. She asked me to send her a screenshot so that she can take it to Anthem.

I created this screenshot for her. She has already sent it to Anthem.

Click to ENLARGE. Look for the highlightining.

Click to ENLARGE. Look for the highlightining.

Much is happening behind the scenes!

I am getting many calls and letters. I am GLAD to see that folks in Concord are taking this very seriously.

I have had calls from the Governor’s Office. They took copious notes. Thank YOU.

Senator Jane Shaheen’s office has called multiple times and also e-mailed me.

I have had a number of letters, calls and e-mails from the N.H. Insurance Department. Also from the Attorney General.

I will, of course, keep you posted.