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DISH Network International Programming, Those Responsible For TEN Cricket: Winds Of Major Change Appear To Have Blown Through.


Anura Guruge

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As promised over the weekend I sent on e-mail and made three calls.

As I had said I had had a fair number of interactions with DISH’s V.P. of International Programming over what used to be an unpopulated electronic program guide; i.e., the description for each program just saying ‘Cricket’ rather than what the actual match was. So you folks really should thank me for the schedule that you now see on Willow. Though not perfect you can at least see the listings for the Tests, ODIs, T20s and IPLs. I went to the CEO of DISH with this. Unlike the CEO of TDS, the CEO of DISH (or his office to be fair) had the V.P. of International contact me.

The V.P.’s name was ‘Chris Ku….‘. Though he went at each other on e-mail, back-and-forth, he was a DECENT guy. And towards the end we had made the peace.

Then in September 2011 I lost my ‘Cricket Pack’ — though I was paying for it. I hit the roof. It transpired that I needed a SECOND DISH to get the ‘Cricket Pack’. Read about it here.

I again went to the CEO. This time I heard that he actually read my e-mail and made a few calls.

It was funny the next morning. I was getting calls from folks, all agitated. Suffice to say the 2nd Dish was installed within the day, and no cost.

I also had two gentleman give me their phone numbers and say, PLEASE call us next time before you e-mail the CEO. Nice.

I hadn’t chatted with Chris K. in months. Sent him an e-mail over the weekend. It bounced. He was gone.

This morning I called up one of those numbers. An Indian gentleman called ‘Amir‘. He had left Dish too. Confirmed that Chris had indeed left. He said that quite a few folks had left.

OK. These are the folks that got the first Cricket Pack.

V.P.’s of large corporations like DISH do not leave just for the heck of it.

So there must have been issues.

Bottom line I am without contacts at DISH. Yes, I still know how to contact the CEO. But, doesn’t seem worth it. I am probably leaving DISH anyway.

So this is just a FYI. Also a chance to again stress the difference between Dish (and GoDaddy) and TDS.