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Nikon’s Ultra-Zoom P1000 Is Finally Announced And It Fails To ‘WOW’ I.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access the “DPReview” writeup.

Well, Nikon finally announced it, MORE than a year later than it was expected, and yes, as we had all predicted it did have a 24-3,000mm zoom.

A 3,000mm zoom is mega-impressive, but, alas, that appears to be the only selling point of the P1000. That is galling.

Everything else is essentially the same, though I get the impression they have improved the Image Stabilization to help with keeping the monster lens steady. The RAW support is totally irrelevant to I. I do NOT do post-processing. I am not sure how many folks buying a ‘Coolpix’ will want to deal with RAW. ‘Coolpix’ is for us ‘point, shoot and post’ brigade.

It is still 16MP and most disappointing the Max. ISO is still 6400. And that is a killer in my book. [I was wrong on this — and I was going by the initial reviews. SORRY. Appears that there is a 12800 option.] Yes, Nikon is going to say shoot in RAW and then add lightning after. I would RATHER not do that, ‘thanks’.

This is what I said in April 2017 when we first started talking about the P1000.

So, the P1000 like the P900 only truly excels in good light. Forget the built in flash. The extended lens gets in the way.

The P900 was $599. The P1000 is $999. Yes, 3,000mm lenses are NOT cheap. I appreciate that. But that is a 67% price increase.

So, this is not sour grapes, but I doubt whether I will be rushing out to get one. I still have my P900 and to be honest I rarely use it. So, I cannot justify getting a P1000. Over the last year I have discovered that I am truly a FULL FRAME guy. I love my Sony a7 II. It just feels right. When not using that, I use my Google Pixel 2 — mainly for the convenience.

So, that is my take. The 3,000 lens is very impressive and tempting. But, that is all that the P1000 offers over the P900. To, I, that is not enough. Plus, in the end, it is still a 16MP 1/2.3″ sensor. That is basically the same as that on a phone.

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by Anura Guruge