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Canon (U.S.A.) Internal IT System Down All Day (10/26/2015) — Have They Been Hacked?

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.by Anura Guruge

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canonitdownoct25I know because I have called them up 3 times today, Monday, October 26, 2015. The first time was around noon. The guy I spoke to sounded vague and confused. But on the other two calls I got very proficient ladies who explained exactly what the problem was. They came in this morning to find that the system was ‘going up and down’. It had then been taken down by IT. They weren’t sure when it would be up.

HOPE that they have NOT been hacked, à la Sony. IF they have been hacked we won’t hear about it for weeks. I will not, of course, be amused. As somebody who has bought multiple refurbished cameras directly through them, they have my credit card information.

So, a heads up, if you have dealings with Canaon U.S.A., as I do.

Did Watson Use AI To Pick Bob Dylan For The New IBM Commercials?

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by Anura Guruge

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Click either image to access the YouTube video of the commercial.


This commercial was on CNBC this morning around 10 am (Eastern). Deanna called me out of the bathroom to (rewind the DVR) and watch it.



In my eyes Bob Dylan can do no wrong. I am a huge, ‘life long’ fan. We saw him, at ‘Meadowbrook‘, 2nd row seats, c. 2004. Deanna hates him with a passion. And that could be the issue with this commercial.

It will resonate with folks of my vintage — and most of those do have ‘C’ titles. That is good. But the problem is that 95% of corporate IT is now being done, time never standing still, by folks of Deanna’s age and younger. Dylan doesn’t mean much to them. And that really is the BIG problem that has besetted IBM for the last decade. Never mind Dylan, the name ‘IBM’ holds no significance, let alone reverence, to the current crop of IT professionals.

Think IBM “Think” signs sits in front of my keyboard even as I now type. It was given to me during my first week at IBM in August 1974. One of the FEW things from that era that I still have. But I also have one of my original S/370 reference cards and a few IBM flowcharting templates!

The days of ‘you can’t get fired for choosing IBM’ are long gone and in reality it is now a case of ‘you can most certainly get fired for choosing IBM’.

I have to confess, though he does smile, Dylan does look scary in this commercial. Deanna opined that she was not surprised that he looks so bad that ‘given that he must be in his 80s’! How unkind. I said I didn’t think he was that old and that he has to be in his 70s. I just looked. Born May 24, 1941, Robert Allen Zimmerman, in Duluth, Minnesota. So he is 74.

Bob Dylan is 17 years OLDER than IBM (which came to be known by that name as of February 14, 1924). THINK about that.

Did The Alton Central School (ACS) Board, That Voted Down ‘Common Core’, Really Give Permission For This Week’s “Code Day”?

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Anura Guruge

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Will the miracles never cease in Alton?

The highly astute ACS School Board that voted downCommon Core‘, whatever that vote meant, has obviously given the go ahead for ACS to participate in the Obama-sanctioned, Bill Gates endorsed, Microsoft sponsored ‘Code Day’!


What about Local Control?

The kids will be using applications in the cloud. Heaven forbid? Has anybody checked the standards for these APPS? Are they safe for Alton kids?

Are we sure that these potentially nefarious APPS are NOT biometrically, via Webcams, sucking up all sorts of information about the kids?

Are we sure we have the right IT infrastructure at ACS to participate in such a global initiative?

Has anybody checked the STANDARDS for JavaScript? I am sure it was not developed in Alton.

This is scary. I am sure the promise of free food had all to do with this.

I am confused. Common Core is NOT ‘OK’ for ACS but ‘Code Day’ is. OK.

23 Days Till Hogmanay (New Year’s): Hogmanay In Glasgow (Cultural Capital of Scotland) In 1957.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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All of my hogmanay celebrations, in Scotland, were in ‘Glasgow’
actually in Greenock.

So naturally I am partial to Hogmanay in Glasgow.

In a different phase of my life I used to get asked, at least once a year,
to come and do presentations at the ‘National Exhibition & Conference Center’
when they were hosting various large IT expositions.
One year I was the Keynote Speaker for the entire show
and addressed a crowd close to 800.
Largest crowd I have yet addressed.
It was a tad intimidating, even for me, with my years of experience,
to stand there and see an ocean of faces.
But, when I got started, and they started laughing
(given that I am noted for my humor when presenting),
I LOVED it and didn’t want to stop.

Click for a nostalgic view of Hogmanay, in Glasgow, 56 years ago. WOW.

Click for a nostalgic view of Hogmanay, in Glasgow, 56 years ago. WOW.


Why Hasn’t IBM, The Granddaddy Of Computers, And An American Treasure, Been Ask To Fix Bloody ObamaCare Website?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Even without me, they can still be awesome. A true IT giant. A U.S. treasure.

This whole disaster, as I keep on pointing out, smacks so much of outright, unmitigated fraud.

It also highlights, indubitably, that Obama is beyond incompetent. He is a disaster. Yes, I now agree. Worst President ever and I AM VERY SORRY that I worked like a black to have him elected and re-elected. Yes, I had my doubts. I am, to the amazement and distress of some, an unashamed Hans Eysenck acolyte — he at his peak in Britain as I was growing up. So, I was worried that he might not be able to cope. BUT, I never, ever, imagined that he would prove to be such as total and utter disaster, an unmitigated failure. I am SORRY. I will not, for the rest of my life, make that mistake again.

Other than because of outright corruption and fraud why would you give such a crucial, multi-million, possibly multi-billion contract to BIT PLAYER IT companies — especially the Canadian-owned CGI with its horrible track-record.

Kickbacks and payola.

Where is Bryan ‘bloody’ Sivak 00 the supposed architect of this tower that collapsed. Why isn’t he being hauled up and investigated. I see that he has stopped Tweeting. Might have FLED the country to avoid having to answer awkward question.

Notice that when they talk about the scam-artist contractors involved in this disaster you don’t hear the names of GREAT U.S. IT Super-GIANTS like IBM, Oracle, EDS, Cisco, HP.

All you hear is bloody Canadian CGI.

Do YOU realize that the world, and that includes China, Korea, India, Germany, France, Britain, are LAUGHING, near hysterically, at the U.S.

This is such an insult to U.S. IT companies and people.

As I have been lobbying since 1988, IT is the ONE Technology Sphere where the U.S. has no equal.

AirBus now competes with Boeing.

Hyundai/Kia and is eating GM’s lunch.

But when it comes to IT, Intel, Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, IBM, Facebook, Linkedin, Groupon, Twitter, Amazon, has NO COMPETITION.

U.S. IT is the envy of the universe.

And now this. I always knew that Eysenck was onto something.

IBM is by no means perfect (after I left). But, IBM doesn’t screw up like CGI. IBM has pedigree and with that pride.

What about EDS?

Obama is so stupid and corrupt.


Shane Selling And His Amazing Hexacopter At The The Laconia Airport Open House Today — Very Cool, Very Compelling.



 ..by Anura Guruge

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For aerial pictures of the Open House from Shane’s hexacopter.

Click on image to ENLARGE.

The father and son team and the father is very proud, justifiably, of what Shane is doing. The father mans the video part of the operation while Shane flies the plane.

The live video display on the monitor carried by Shane’s father. I took this picture over his shoulder. The straight on quality is much better, of course.

“Look Mom, No Hands”, Shane flying the hexacopter, briefly, in automated altitude controlled mode.

Shane Selling is in IT, i.e., computers, and owns ‘SOS Tech LLC
in Laconia.

He does all things computer and network related.
His phone number is: 603-369-0834.