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“Howards End” Series (2018) On Starz — Charming And Beautifully Crafted.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access STARZ homepage for this NEW series.

YouTube trailer for the STARZ Series.

YouTube trailer for the 1992 Ivory Merchant movie.

We lucked out. I wanted to see this STARZ adaptation of “Howards End“, and last Thursday, DISH gave me STARZ, free for 3 months, because they screwed-up, badly, trying to get me the Willow Cricket channel. So, that was nice and quite lucky.

We watched about half of the first episode, from the DVR, on Monday night. It lived up to my expectations and was true to the TV ‘teasers’ I had seen.

Very charming and easy on the senses. Beautifully crafted in all aspects. The cinematography is first class.

I have seen the 1992 Ivory Merchant produced movie at least twice. That was quite the movie — but cinematography has made strides in the last 26-years. The high-definition rendering of the new show makes the lavishly produced 1992 movie look dull and pedestrian.

I am sure we are going to enjoy this series. When it ends, might have to go back and look at the 1992 movie again.

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by Anura Guruge